One of London’s Fanciest Department Stores Just Opened a Vegas-style Wedding Chapel

Fortnum & Mason Love Chapel inside the department store in London
Photo: Courtesy of Fortnum & Mason

Good news for lovebirds in London: You don’t have to get a flight to Las Vegas if you want to get married on the spot.

According to Insider, Londoners can get their own Vegas-style, tiny chapel wedding within one of London’s fanciest and most famous department stores during the month of February. Valentine’s Day can be overwhelming for couples, so why not indulge in an impulse wedding?

The tiny, pastel-colored “Chapel of Love,” located on the lower ground floor of Fortnum & Mason department store, looks like one of those little chapels in Sin City that are very popular amongst people who found love at the Blackjack table, Insider reported. But since Fortnum & Mason is a particularly distinguished store, it’s a little more refined.

Sadly, there is no Elvis impersonator to officiate your nuptials, according to Insider. You’ll probably have to bring your own. However, there is a quintessential, glowing pink neon sign and the department store’s grand staircase wraps around its steeple. In a word, this chapel is just adorable.

According to Insider, Fortnum & Mason is actually a wedding venue all year round for those who want to make use of its well-designed and well-established architecture. The Chapel of Love will only be available until Feb. 29.

But the chapel isn’t only available for weddings, either. In fact, it’s also a great place for intimate vow renewals, engagements, and anniversaries.

“Everyone loves a good wedding — and while Fortnum’s has been a licensed wedding venue for quite a while now, this February we’ve welcomed in an extra-extra special venue-within-a-venue in which couples can tie the knot, renew their vows or celebrate their anniversaries,” it says on the Fortnum & Mason website. The department store even posted a time-lapse of its construction.

Hopefully the store will post some photos or video of couples celebrating their love soon. For more information, visit the Fortnum & Mason or follow the store on Instagram.

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