Dinner date, OpenTable
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The race to find the perfect Valentine’s Day restaurant is on. And it can be harder than you think.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a night where you pull out all the stops and drop hundreds on an extra fancy feast, but many couples still want to at least find a nice place where they can lovingly stare into each others’ eyes over a delicious meal. And finding the right romantic hotel, romantic destination, and especially romantic restaurant can be like looking for a needing in a haystack.

So how does one find the right “romantic” restaurant that not only has the right ambiance, but also the right food? Well, OpenTable has created a special tool for that.

OpenTable’s new Matchmaker tool helps you easily filter and search for the best restaurants in your area to take your one and only. The tool uses your location and basic questions like how much you want to spend, your preferred cuisine, and ideal atmosphere. Based on your answers, OpenTable's Matchmaker gives you a personalized list of options that fit your criteria.

But if you’d rather browse through all your options, or find the best of the best in your area, OpenTable has also published its annual list of 100 Most Romantic Restaurants in America for 2019.

Featuring restaurants across 32 states, the list provides an overview of the most romantic restaurants in the country, based on more than 12 million verified diner reviews of over 28,000 restaurants in 50 states and Washington, D.C., according to OpenTable. The list is published in alphabetical order rather than by rank. Ohio has the most recognized restaurants, with nine contenders, followed by Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia.

Some notable restaurants on the list include Majorelle in New York City, Nocturne in Denver, St Martin's Wine Bistro in Dallas, Harvest Beat in Seattle, and Altius in Pittsburgh. While American cuisine seems to be the most popular choice, diners are also looking for French, Italian, Latin, Seafood and Southern fare, according to OpenTable.