This Canadian Hotel Is Offering 18 Years of Free Stays to Couples Who Make a Baby on Valentine's Day

A couple cozy in bed at Hotel Zed
Photo: Courtesy of Hotel Zed

If nothing gets you in the mood like a free hotel stay, you're in luck.

According to CNN, Hotel Zed, a hotel chain in British Columbia, Canada, is offering a special deal for couples who are looking to do some “baby-making” on Valentine’s Day.

The “Nooner” promo is available at hotel locations in Victoria and Kelowna, and it runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on February 14. Rates for this fairly scandalous deal start at $59 CAD (about $45 USD), CNN reported. And all couples looking for some daytime playtime can book.

A same sex couple walks through the corridor at Hotel Zed
Courtesy of Hotel Zed

Guests who cash in on this discounted rate will not only have access to their hotel room for four hours, but they can also treat themselves to a stint in the outdoor hot tub or a game of ping-pong.

This year, Hotel Zed is doubling down on its “Nooner” special with a “baby maker promo,” according to CNN. The new, additional promo states that couples who welcome a baby into their lives nine months after their "Nooner" visit will get a free stay at any Hotel Zed location for the next 18 years. You’ll just have to wait until November to get it.

And in order to be inclusive of all couples, the hotel is also extending the offer to those who have a child through surrogacy or adoption, according to CNN. It, unfortunately, does not extend to couples who prefer to remain childless or already have children (unless they want to add one more).

“We know that the stork can take many routes to bring a baby into your family. As long as a new child has been welcomed into the family nine months after your Nooner, we'll be celebrating with you,” it says on the Hotel Zed website.

It may seem a little strange for a hotel to be promoting reproduction as a marketing ploy, but luckily, the property doesn’t think too many people will take on the challenge recklessly.

“I don't think we're going to convince someone who's not thinking about having a baby to have a baby. But if you're serious about expanding your family, why wouldn't you try?” Mandy Farmer, Hotel Zed CEO, told CNN. “If you succeed, you'll win a way to celebrate your baby's conception for the next 18 years.”

This bright, colorful, and funky hotel seems like a nice place to start your road to parenting, if you’re looking to do that.

To cash in on the “Nooner” rate on Valentine’s Day, or to find more information about their promo, visit the Hotel Zed website.

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