Fourth graders can get the permits for free.

By Talia Avakian
December 09, 2016
Wild Horizons/UIG via Getty Images

You can bring a little of our nation's national forests home with you this holiday season: National forests across the country offer permits to cut down your own tree.

Starting at $5, the U.S. Forest Service-issued permits allow you to cut firewood and your very own Christmas tree. Locations and dates for obtaining a permit vary, so it's best to check in with each forest district office regarding accessibility and times. Prices vary depending on location and also depend on the size of the tree.

Youngsters who want to get in on the fun can also take part, as the U.S. Forest Service is teaming up with the Every Kid in a Park Program to offer fourth graders a free permit at participating national forests.

The permit will also come with an ornament for the child to color, sign, and hang up as a reminder of where the tree came from.

Any wood or trees purchased in the forests cannot be resold, and cutting must be at least 200 feet away from main roads, recreation sites, campgrounds, and away from areas along the sides of streams, rivers, lakes, and wet grounds.