Busy at the airport at Thanksgiving.
Travelers wait in-line for entering security check at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport November 23, 2016 in Arlington, Virginia.
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If you, like millions of other Americans, are traveling this Thanksgiving, you may already be dreading it.

While the days surrounding Thanksgiving aren't the absolute worst for flight delays (those would be the busiest summer travel days in July and August), they're up there. And this year, U.S. airports may be worse than usual for holiday travel, as relatively cheaper airfares convince more people to fly rather than drive.

Some airports will be worse than others, of course, and RewardExpert has ranked the 45 busiest airports for Thanksgiving travel, from best to worst.

First, the best: If you're flying out of Honolulu, Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, Douglas in Charlotte, Southwest Florida, or Salt Lake City, you have the best chance of avoiding delays. (Honolulu, blessed with that Hawaiian climate, is frequently among the best airports for on-time performance.)

The worst airports for on-time performance, according to RewardExpert, were San Francisco, Newark Liberty, Oakland, William P. Hobby in Houston, and Sacramento. Here's the full list:

The best and worst airports for Thanksgiving travel.
Credit: Courtesy of RewardExpert

Anyone flying for Thanksgiving has likely already bought their tickets (or at least, you should have), so this next bit of information is less advice and more a suggestion for how much patience to pack.

According to RewardExpert, the worst day to fly this year is Tuesday, November 28, while Sunday, November 19, and Monday, November 27, are also expected to be somewhat miserable.