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Credit: Kirk Mckoy/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Nearly every family has its own Thanksgiving tradition and, thanks to the internet, we now know so does each state.

Google analyzed its Maps search data from across the country to determine what people are looking for around Thanksgiving. Analysts compared last year's searches from the week of Thanksgiving to the two weeks before and after the holiday to determine which requests were the “most uniquely popular” by state.

Throughout the U.S., the most popular Thanksgiving-time search was for a plant nursery — presumably to pick up a Christmas tree for the season. People in Alabama, Connecticut, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin were all looking for one — and Delaware was searching for a florist.

And with Black Friday sales, it’s no surprise that many searches around Thanksgiving are for stores. People in Montana and South Dakota were looking at home goods while those in Nebraska looked for home improvement stores. Shoppers in North Dakota wanted to buy furniture, people in Oklahoma wanted fabric, and people in Rhode Island were looking for antiques. Iowans and Kansans were searching for office supply stores.

New Hampshire shoppers were looking for electronics while Tennessee shoppers were specifically looking for “electronics vending machines.” Shoppers in Wyoming were searching for a cellphone store and those in Colorado were looking for a new car stereo. The top search in Missouri was for a kennel.

People in Washington and West Virginia were looking for restaurants while those in Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky and Mississippi are searching for delis. The most uniquely popular search in Maine and Vermont was for a nearby bar. People in New Jersey were looking for breweries and those in Oregon wanted to find a vineyard.

People in Arizona and Louisiana, however, just wanted to find a parking lot.

And then of course there are those who are looking to get out of town around Thanksgiving. People in Alaska were searching for a bed and breakfast, North Carolinians were searching for a vacation home rental agency, and South Carolinians were looking for a condo complex. Those in Hawaii were searching for an airline and people in Florida wanted to find their nearest airport shuttle service. People in Maryland were looking for a bus charter while those in Virginia were searching for any transit station.

And then there are the people around the country who want to explore. People in Idaho and New Mexico searched for their closest tourist attraction. The most uniquely popular search in Massachusetts was for an orchard while people in Nevada were trying to find a ranch. People in Utah just wanted to find a “scenic spot.” Texans and citizens of D.C. searched for a bikeshare location.

Perhaps prompted by Thanksgiving football games, New Yorkers searched for a store that sells sports cards and people in Illinois are looking for a football field.

And people in California searched, somewhat stereotypically, to find the closest “festival.”

Happy holidays, no matter how you celebrate.

The Most Uniquely Popular Google Maps Searches by State

  • Alabama: Plant Nursery
  • Alaska: Bed and Breakfast
  • Arizona: Parking Lot
  • Arkansas: Deli
  • California: Festival
  • Colorado: Car Stereo Store
  • Connecticut: Plant Nursery
  • Delaware: Florist
  • D.C.: Bikeshare Location
  • Florida: Airport Shuttle Service
  • Georgia: Deli
  • Hawaii: Airline
  • Idaho: Tourist Attraction
  • Illinois: Football Field
  • Indiana: Plant Nursery
  • Iowa: Office Supply Store
  • Kansas: Office Supply Store
  • Kentucky: Deli
  • Louisiana: Parking Lot
  • Maine: Bar
  • Maryland: Bus Charter
  • Massachusetts: Orchard
  • Michigan: Plant Nursery
  • Minnesota: Plant Nursery
  • Mississippi: Deli
  • Missouri: Kennel
  • Montana: Home Good Stores
  • Nebraska: Home Improvement Store
  • Nevada: Ranch
  • New Hampshire: Electronics Store
  • New Jersey: Brewery
  • New Mexico: Tourist Attraction
  • New York: Sports Card Store
  • North Carolina: Vacation Home Rental Agency
  • North Dakota: Furniture Store
  • Ohio: Plant Nursery
  • Oklahoma: Fabric Store
  • Oregon: Vineyard
  • Pennsylvania: Plant Nursery
  • Rhode Island: Antique Store
  • South Carolina: Condo Complex
  • South Dakota: Home Goods Store
  • Tennessee: Electronics Vending Machine
  • Texas: Bikeshare Location
  • Utah: Scenic Spot
  • Vermont: Bar
  • Virginia: Transit Station
  • Washington: Family Restaurant
  • West Virginia: American Restaurant
  • Wisconsin: Plant Nursery
  • Wyoming: Cell Phone Store