By Melanie Lieberman
November 20, 2015
© Kelly Headrick / Alamy

The day before Thanksgiving isn’t even close to being the busiest travel day in the United States.

By analyzing the number of seats booked on scheduled flights throughout the year, Quartz determined that Thanksgiving doesn’t even land on the Top 50 list: It’s only the 121st busiest day of the year to travel by air.

In fact, 48 of the 50 busiest days of the year were during the summer, with August 7 coming in at No. 1 (file that away under Things to Remember for Next Summer), with 2,909,670 scheduled seats.

The two exceptions: December 18, with 2.8 million scheduled seats, and the Sunday after Thanksgiving, with more than 2.9 million scheduled seats, when you'll definitely want to avoid busy airports and bumper-to-bumper highways. (Our apologies if you're already booked to come home the Sunday after Thanksgiving.)

The roads promise to be much worse than the skies, what with the 41.9 million travelers planning to drive to their destination this year.