From wandering the city's famed Christmas market, to dining with Mozart and drinking famous beer, we've got the best-laid plans if you're in town for the holidays.

Old Town Christmas Market in Prague
Credit: Getty Images

Prague's colorful baroque and Gothic architecture, cobble stone streets, and famed Astronomical Clock have long made it a popular destination for travelers. But at this time of the year, it's a veritable winter wonderland. We've rounded up the most magical experiences on offer right now, to ensure your Christmas in town is nothing short of enchanted.

Take a Walking Tour

Walking is one of the best ways to explore a city, and if you can get a guided tour, even better. Discover Walking Tours offers an array of tours that cater to different experiences, from the city's greatest hits, to a nighttime tour of the castle, and one focused solely on the Old Town. The Royal Walk Free Tour (note that tips are welcome) explores all the major attractions, including the Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town, and the Jewish Quarter, with a knowledge guide spinning tales and folklore as they lead you through the city's history. If you want something a bit more artsy, try Prague Alternative Tours, which explore underground subcultures, alternative lifestyles, street art, and graffiti—all of which are worthy of your Instagram.

Eat a Traditional Czech Meal

Deck the halls in a traditional Czech eatery such as U Fleku, a large pub, restaurant, and microbrewery all rolled into one. Housed in an ancient building dating from 1499, it's a huge tavern with eight historic halls, and is the only brewery in Central Europe that has been brewing continuously over the last 500 years. The menu features typical country cuisine like duck, pork, goulash, sausages, roast chicken, and dumplings. U Fleku is also a mecca for beer lovers near and far, with internationally renowned selections on offer. Supposedly, guests consume 2,000 glasses of its tasty dark larger every day.

Stroll the Christmas Markets

There are a few Christmas markets around town (as well as many worth seeing in Europe), but the best way to get the local experience is to go to the markets located at Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square (they're about a five-minute walk from each other). Pick up a few trinkets for friends and family, or treat yourself to your own souvenirs, like a wooden toy, glassware, or sweets. Gather around the Christmas tree—one of the largest in the country—and listen to carolers perform holiday tunes while nibbling on gastronomical specialties from the vendors, such as barbecued pork, blood sausages, Czech muffins, and a 'Trdelník,' a hot sugar-coated pastry.

Dinner and Mozart

End this perfect day at Café Mozart for some fine dining and live classical music. The Mozart Quartet will serenade the crowd with beautiful performances of pieces by Mozart, Verdi, Haydn, Puccini, Strauss, Charpentier, Donizetti, Offenback, and Leoncavallo while diners enjoy a five-course meal.