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New Year’s comes but once a year. In the spirit of resolutions and new beginnings, what better way to usher in a fresh calendar year than by slotting in that first vacation? As the year transitions, seize the opportunity for an eye-opening trip out of the country—perhaps to Mykonos, Goa, or Copenhagen. Wherever you feel pulled to travel, Travel + Leisure’s rich photo galleries and detail-packed stories are sure to inspire your next New Year’s trip.New Year’s travel can take many different forms, though a few predictable elements remain: fireworks, parties in the street, and plenty of live music. As you plan your big end-of-year trip, head back here for the best hotel deals and New Year’s Eve parties to make that midnight countdown extra special.How to plan a New Year’s Eve breakFor a romantic escape, there’s nothing like strolling the canals of Amsterdam or Venice. If you’re after an active winter break, swanky Aspen, where you’ll find snowshoe hikes and sledding hills, comes fully alive during high season. And in cities like Chicago, New Year’s Eve signals a time for fare-free rides on public transportation, as well as fireworks displays and even holiday-themed zoo exhibits.Our resolution at Travel + Leisure is to inspire your greatest celebration yet. Visit Latin America’s biggest New Year’s Eve spectacle, or ride the wave of festivity with a bonfire in Reykjavík. By the time New Year’s Day rolls around, you’ll be grateful to have enjoyed your holiday in a different part of the world.New Year’s Eve Travel DealsAt the tail end of the holiday season, you may be looking to save money on that big New Year’s trip. Not to worry. Travel + Leisure’s dedicated team of editors seeks out the best travel deals throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and beyond. From off-season rates to under-the-radar boutique hotels, you’ll find an exotic, affordable trip to kick off the New Year. Want a private terrace suite on the Caribbean? After a complimentary upgrade at check-in? Follow our expert tips to the season’s best end-of-year travel deals.

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The Best Places to Spend New Year's Eve

The hype of New Year’s Eve can often supersede the night itself. Expectations are often deflated by traffic jams, raucous crowds and overpriced Ubers. But there are certain destinations that are sure to be a hit regardless of any undesirable circumstances. Why not celebrate at a luxurious five-star resort in the Caribbean or the Maldives and kick off the New Year on a relaxing note, floating in tranquil turquoise waters? For something more classic, you could venture to a major metropolis like Paris, London, Barcelona or New York and embrace the annual festivities, like watching the ball drop in Times Square or seeing the Eiffel Tower illuminated with fireworks. You could travel further afield and experience different cultural traditions in Hong Kong, Thailand, or Rio de Janeiro. Or swap out winter for the summer sun in the South Pacific and lock in a longer adventure to explore the natural beauty of Australia and New Zealand. Even if you’re yet to make arrangements, there are a number of last-minute New Year’s Eve trips that are sure to be memorable. From black-tie celebrations at the world’s most fabulous hotels, to legendary beach parties and music festivals, and rainbows of fireworks lighting up iconic landmarks and city skylines, we’ve charted some of the most spectacular bucket list destinations to welcome in 2020 with renewed optimism.
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8 Dream Trips to Take in 2019 — and Exactly How Much You Need to Save for Them

For some reason the promise of buying an enviable sofa will never motivate me to save as much as the hope of finally making it to a destination I’ve been researching (or Instagram stalking) for years. That’s why I set a travel savings goal every year. Not only does it motivate me to sock away some extra money, it also shows me how far my money can go if I stick to a budget. It’s nice to realize that, over the course of a year, skipping $50 of takeout every week can get me all the way across the Pacific Ocean and back. Even when I was penny-pinching on an entry-level salary, I’d tuck away $100 a month and map out a trip or two based on tiny home Airbnbs I could book for $40 a night. Whether you can barely save $20 a week or you just got a substantial raise, making a few travel goals for 2019 might help you focus your savings efforts. If you have your sights set on a trip to Thailand, that can help you resist the $7 oat milk latte or the flash sale email urging you to buy a new bronzer. RelatedThe 50 Best Places to Travel in 2019 If you’re planning your 2019 travel goals, here are a nine trips worth saving up for in the new year — from the most affordable to the most expensive.