By Melanie Lieberman
August 02, 2016
Getty Images

It may feel like summer has just begun, but Labor Day is already, somehow, right around the corner. It's not too late to plan a trip for the first weekend of September.

You can save as much as 14 percent by booking airplane tickets the second week of August, according to hotel and flight booking website Hipmunk.

By looking at historical data for the median weekly price of flights from last August, Hipmunk has suggested the best times for last-minute planners to book their tickets depending on their departure city.

Travelers leaving from New York City are best off waiting until the last week of August, according to Hipmunk, when an average round-trip ticket is $256.

Florida-based travelers and people flying out of Houston should act fast, as they’ll save the most by booking the week of August 1.

August 2015 flight prices from Phoenix and Washington, D.C. were some of the cheapest, which is lucky for locals. But those who live in the Pacific Northwest may not be able to escape expensive holiday fares, as both Portland and Seattle were on the more expensive side.

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