Jose Cuervo Will Make a Cardboard Cutout of You to Send Home for the Holidays

You might not be going home but a life-sized cutout of you sure is.

Family enjoying fall leaves with their son who is a cardboard cutout
Photo: Courtesy of Jose Cuervo

This Thanksgiving, you may not be able to see your family in person, but that doesn't mean you can't be there in spirit. Or, you know, in cardboard cutout form.

The tequila brand Jose Cuervo wants to make sure you're still at your family's dinner table this year in some form, so it's helping a few lucky people create and send a life-sized cardboard cutout of themselves to their families. "Send your loved ones a Cuervo cocktail-carrying cutout of yourself and celebrate the season together," Jose Cuervo wrote on its contest page. "Your lifelike Cuervo Doppeldrinker will make it feel like you're with family and friends this season, even if you're not!"

Here's how it works: Those interested in a cutout can enter the tequila company's contest by uploading a full-body photo of themselves holding their favorite drink. Next, contestants fill out a quick form on where they want to send their Doppeldrinker. Finally, they simply wait to find out if they've been selected by Jose Cuervo. And that's it.

The tequila brand did offer a few tips on how to maximize an entry. For the photo, "Make sure your entire body is in frame and well-lit. Avoid logos or visible branding. Grab a drink and pose...Or not. Just keep your arms close or they'll get clipped. Please include your height and ensure the photo is taken hi-res (3MB is recommended otherwise photo may be pixelated)." Sure, it's silly, but it could make all the difference in bringing a little levity and laughter to the season.

Woman holding carboard cutout of relative at Christmas
Courtesy of Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo isn't the only brand hoping to make this difficult year a little easier. In early November, Zoom also announced it will be lifting its 40-minute limit on its free product so families can see one another face-to-face for as long as they'd like (at least until the turkey-induced sleepies set in). As a bonus, if you win the Doppledrinker contest you could even zoom with this alternate version of yourself for an ultra-trippy holiday.

See more on the Doppledrinker contest and enter here.

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