Prepare for record traveler numbers over the holidays.

By Raisa Bruner
December 16, 2016
Holiday travel numbers by A4A
Credit: Getty Images

The holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, but in the U.S., they’re also a very busy time for travel.

And this year, travelers should be prepared for record-breaking hordes to take the season to new heights. According to AAA, more people than ever before will be taking to to the roads—and the skies—to get to (and from) their holiday season destinations.

Up to 103 million people will be on the move between December 23 and January 2. That’s a 1.5 percent increase, or about 1.5 million people, over the same period last year, with the majority getting behind the wheel to make it from points A to B.

Air travel in particular will see a boost this year, too. USA Today reports that data collected from Airlines for America, a trade organization that represents the U.S.’s principle airlines, shows a projected 3.5 percent uptick in passengers between December 15 and January 5., with a whopping 45.2 million people expected to make their way through airport security and head up in the air.

The takeaway: Get ready for an extra-festive travel experience in the next few weeks, and pack some patience to deal with the crowds and lines that go along with it.