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Credit: Getty Images (edited)

Your travel Instagrams just got spookier.

The Swim Reaper is like the travel influencer version of the Grim Reaper, and he's twisting basic travel Instagram poses and making them a lot spookier — just in time for Halloween.

Those ubiquitous travel pictures of novelty floaties, sunsets on the beach, and melting ice cream cones in the hot sun look much different when they feature the cold, clammy hands of death personified.

But the Swim Reaper isn’t just a Halloween gag. According to Metro, the Instagram account was created by the New Zealand government in order to promote water safety.

According to Water Safety New Zealand, around 105 people die each year on the island. 56 have already died this year, and many incidents involve young men swimming while drunk.

Many instantly recognizable Instagrams are captioned with a Swim Reaper warning for people not to “make dumb decisions” in the water. Because the last thing a reaper will do is save you, essentially.

“Getting my baywatch on at the wharf. But don’t count on me for mouth to mouth,” says one caption.