You’ve probably never seen a pumpkin carved like this before.

By Andrea Romano
October 16, 2018
Pumpkin carver Christian Russell puts the finishing touches to a 'World Record Breaking' Jack O
Credit: Danny Lawson - PA Images/Getty Images

According to the Examiner Live, Master pumpkin carver Christian Russell showed off his incredible skills by carving up a 2,013 pound — just over one ton — pumpkin for York Maze, Europe’s biggest corn maze. The carving will be part of the York Maze’s Halloween Festival.

Unlike the rest of us, who opt for a smaller variation or go on endless searches in pumpkin patches for the “perfect” option, Russell is used to working with pumpkins that are extraordinarily huge. All in all, the carving took Russell a day and a half (including breaks), reported the Examiner Live.

This one-ton pumpkin was given a classic yet spooky jack-o'-lantern face with artistic details like sharpened teeth, intricate patterns around the news and eyes and even eyebrows. A face isn’t quite a face without eyebrows, after all, even if it is a pumpkin.

According to the Examiner Live, Russell often makes displays for stores during this time of year. He also carves pumpkins into horror and fantasy creatures like Jabba the Hut and Pennywise, the clown from "IT."

Pumpkin carver Christian Russell with a 'World Record Breaking' Jack O
Credit: Danny Lawson - PA Images/Getty Images

“Pumpkin is a lovely material to carve. If it dries out it's like soft balsa wood,” Russell told the Examiner Live.

To see more of this fantastic creations, visit the All Carved Out Facebook page or Russell’s website.