The truth is out there.
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For every skeptical Scully in this world, there is an equally susceptible Mulder who always wants to believe.

According to a recent study by Chapman University, those believers are willing to accept a range of paranormal phenomena, from aliens and ghosts to ancient civilizations and Bigfoot.

The study, which looked into the fears of 1,207 random Americans across the United States, found that the most common paranormal belief among participants was the belief that ancient, advanced civilizations like Atlantis once existed, with 55 percent agreeing or strongly agreeing.

paranormal activity belief halloween
Data collected from The Chapman University Survey of American Fears Wave 4 (2017).
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The next most popular belief, following closely with 52 percent of participants agreeing, was that places can be haunted by ghosts and spirits.

From there, the percentage of believers takes a sharp dive to just 35 percent of people believing that aliens have visited Earth in the ancient past. Even fewer (26 percent) think that aliens have come to Earth in modern times.

The beliefs held by the lowest percentage of Americans were that some people can move objects with their minds (25 percent), fortune tellers and psychics can see the future (19 percent), and that Bigfoot is a real creature (16 percent.)

The study found that 25.3 percent of Americans have no paranormal beliefs at all, with 20.8 percent of people believing in just one of the phenomena and 5 percent of people trusting in all seven paranormal phenomena listed.