Without a doubt, these llamas are the spitting image of Halloween cheer.

By Andrea Romano
October 11, 2018
Llamas at Fair
Credit: Boston Globe/Getty Images

At the Norfolk County Fair in southwestern Ontario this past weekend, 19 llamas and alpacas got into the spirit of the season by being entered into a costume contest by their enthusiastic handlers.

The “Llama Costume Class,” at the Norfolk County Fair and Horse Show in Simcoe, Ontario, attracts llamas from surrounding farms and in of all manners of dress, according to the CBC in Canada. One llama was dressed like a Peanut Butter Cup, one like a potato — one like a beautiful, exotic parrot. One was a beach blanket.

While some farm animals would make a fuss being dressed up and paraded around, there was no llama drama, since these creatures are extremely gentle and friendly. George Araujo, the fair's general manager, told CBC, “It's been a tradition and we've done it for years. I don't know what started it, but participants seem to enjoy it and so do patrons.”

He added that he’s “never seen a llama hurt doing this particular event."

Plus, there’s an incentive: The top prize is $50, and the last place prize is $5, according to the CBC.

People have been sharing their favorite llamas on social media so that the world can experience this joy.

A panel of judges chooses the ultimate winners, though it is unclear who ended up taking the top prize. Of course, to us, every llama is a winner.