10 Most Haunted Roads in the US for Supernatural Sightings

Here, the best back road ghost stories from across the country.

You’ve probably heard of haunted houses and hotels, but did you know there are haunted roads, too? Drawing on local folklore, legends, and drivers’ personal experiences, Commercial Truck Trader rounded up some of the spookiest roads across the United States.

Just like other spooky destinations, many of these roads are supposedly haunted by the spirits of people who died there, while others have reportedly been visited by devilish creatures and aliens alike. Of course, many of these stories are nothing more than urban legends, but they’re certainly scary enough to make you think twice about driving down these roads.

So, this Halloween, go for a ghost hunt from the safety of your car — just watch out for spirits, supernatural creatures, and UFOs.

Here are 10 of the most haunted roads in America.

Jeremy Swamp Road, Southbury, Connecticut

Jeremy Swamp Road in Southbury, CT as seen from Google Maps Streetview
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There are eerie stories about roads across Connecticut, including Jeremy Swamp Road in Southbury. According to an urban legend, drivers in stalled vehicles on this road have vanished before their tow truck arrives, attacked by the “Melon Heads.” Per the New England Historical Society, the creatures “look like small humanoids with oversized heads,” and “survive by eating small animals, stray cats, and human flesh, usually the flesh of teenagers.” These humanoid cryptids are also the focus of folklore in Ohio and Michigan.

Bloody Bride Bridge & Boy Scout Lane, Stevens Point, Wisconsin

This Highway 66 bridge is known as Bloody Bride Bridge because according to local legend, a bride was killed in an accident here on the way to her wedding, and she continues to haunt drivers passing by at night. Nearby Boy Scout Lane is another haunted spot in Stevens Point because a troop of Boy Scouts allegedly disappeared here. Thankfully, there’s no proof that this happened, but the isolated, dead-end road does make for an eerie setting.

Owaissa Street, Appleton, Wisconsin

Owaissa St in Appleton, Wisconsin as seen from Google Maps Streetview
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Riverside Cemetery, located on N Owaissa Street in Appleton, Wisconsin, is known for paranormal experiences — some claim to have seen ghosts of past mourners dressed in old-fashioned clothing here. In the cemetery, visitors will find the tombstone of Kate Blood, another supposedly haunted spot — although many of the stories about her life and death are unfounded. Some say she was a witch who killed her husband and children with an axe, or, maybe it was Kate who was murdered by her husband. Historians, however, have a completely different explanation altogether: she probably died of tuberculosis.

Route 66, Villa Ridge, Missouri

A tri-county truck stop located off historic Route 66 in Villa Ridge has been abandoned for years, but ghost hunters continue to visit in hopes of experiencing the paranormal. According to Commercial Truck Trader, “Visiting mediums have suggested the truck stop is a portal to the other side of eternity, where souls reenter our world and attach their spirits to truckers whom they might possess in order to drive themselves home.”

Stagecoach Road, Marshall, Texas

Several urban legends cite tragic events that have contributed to Stagecoach Road’s haunted reputation. Its eerie setting and historic status only add to the mystique. The red dirt road, lined with tall oaks, served as the main thoroughfare for stagecoaches in the early to mid-1800s. Some say they’ve seen the spirit of a woman wandering this road, spooking passersby, while others have reported seeing the spirits of small children.

Route 666, New Mexico

U.S. Route 491, formerly Route 666, was known as the Devil’s Highway because of its number and the relatively high fatality rate along the New Mexican stretch. Some drivers have reported being chased by hellhounds — supernatural dogs that represent death in some cultures — or seeing a ghostly semitruck on fire, according to Commercial Truck Trader.

Sandhill Road, Las Vegas, Nevada

Sandhill Road in Las Vegas, NV as seen from Google Maps Streetview
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The tunnels underneath Sandhill Road in Las Vegas are supposedly haunted, with reports of eerie noises, although there isn’t a ton of evidence to back up these claims. It's still worth a visit to find out for yourself — if you dare.

Route 375, Rachel, Nevada

Also known as the Extraterrestrial Highway, Route 375 passes by super-secret Area 51, so UFO seekers drive along this road hoping to spot something out of this world. Drivers should keep their eyes on the road while passengers look toward the sky to watch for any mysterious lights or aircrafts.

Ortega Ridge Road, Montecito, California

Ortega Ridge Road in Montecito, California as seen from Google Maps Streetview
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Keep an eye out for the ghosts of three nuns — now known as Las Tres Hermanas — who were killed by highway bandits on Ortega Ridge Road. Some say their apparitions can be spotted by the side of this road, according to Commercial Truck Trader.

Prospectors Road, Garden Valley, California

California is dotted with historic ghost towns, so it makes sense that a few Gold Rush-era spirits would stick around. According to local legend, this road in Garden Valley is haunted by a miner killed for his gold.

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