By Andrea Romano
October 17, 2018
House Dressed Up For Halloween
Credit: DebraLee Wiseberg/Getty Images

It’s trick or treat season, people. Just remember not to get tricked.

It seems like one person in Pickerington, Ohio was duped when they saw a “plane crash” in a man’s yard, so much so that they actually called 911, according to Fox News. When the Violet Township Fire and the Ohio State Highway Patrol got to the location, they saw that the crash was actually just Halloween decorations.

85-year-old Air National Guard veteran Delbert Holsinger is a lover of clever Halloween decor, and this year was no different. Holsinger laid out a fake crash on his lawn with skeletons hanging out of the cockpit for a bit of dark Halloween humor.

Holsinger told ABC affiliate WSYX that he was surprised his decoration prompted such a serious response. “Anybody with any daylight there they can see what kind of shape it’s in,” he said. His neighbors were similarly surprised and amused, Fox News reported.

Holsinger told WSYX that he may add a witch’s broom to the display to make it look like she ran into the plane. Which, to be honest, may help passersby with the confusion.

Or maybe he should just put up a warning sign?