The 25 Scariest Haunted Houses in the U.S.

The Backwoods Maze, Burbank, California
Photo: Julienne D. via Yelp

In honor of all things spooky and scary, Yelp went through users’ reviews to discover the best places in the country to feel the heebie-jeebies this Halloween season. Using an algorithm based on number of reviews and star rating, Yelp found that, perhaps surprisingly, the sunniest places in the country have some of the best haunted houses. Perhaps, in an effort to make up for a lack of typical autumn weather, southern California has some of the most frightening haunted houses in the country. The first and third places on the list are haunted houses in Burbank and Anaheim, respectively. It probably helps that both are located near the Los Angeles film industry, making for particularly awesome special effects, actors, and sets. Haunted houses in Florida also ranked high on the list. Spots in Miami and Dade City took second and sixth places. If you’re not seeing your favorite place on the list, it may be because Yelp left out haunted houses that are part of larger theme parks or chains. The list also limited selections to two per state to provide geographic diversity. If you’re looking for weekend trip plans ahead of the eeriest day of the year, scroll through to discover the 25 best and most terrifying haunted houses in the country. If you dare.

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25. Brighton Asylum

Brighton Asylum, Passaic, New Jersey
Brighton Asylum via Yelp

Passaic, New Jersey

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24. Nightmare Haunted House

Nightmare Haunted House, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Nightmare Haunted House via Yelp

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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23. Fright Factory Haunted House

Fright Factory Haunted House, Buckley, Washington
Catherine C. via Yelp;

Buckley, Washington

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22. Dungeon of Doom Haunted House

Dungeon of Doom Haunted House, Zion Illinois
Nancy L. via Yelp; Dungeon of Doom Haunted House via Yelp

Zion, Illinois

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21. Trail of Terror

Trail of Terror, Wallingford, Connecticut
Trail of Terror via Yelp

Wallingford, Connecticut

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20. Bane Haunted House

Bane Haunted House, Livingston, New Jersey
Bane Haunted House via Yelp

Livingston, New Jersey

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19. Gateway's Haunted Playhouse

Gateways Haunted Playhouse, Bellport, New York
Don R. via Yelp; Josh G. via Yelp

Bellport, New York

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18. House of Torment

House of Torment, Morton Grove, Illinois
Kevin N. via Yelp; Jessica M. via Yelp

Morton Grove, Illinois

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17. The Dead End Hayride

The Dead End Hayride, Wyoming, Minnesota
The Dead End Hayride via Yelp; Kara D. via Yelp

Wyoming, Minnesota

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16. Netherworld Haunted House

Netherworld Haunted House, Stone Mountain, Georgia
Kristopha H. via Yelp; Cipriano M. via Yelp

Stone Mountain, Georgia

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15. Darkside Haunted House

Darkside Haunted House, Wading River, New York
Darkside Haunted House via Yelp; Josh G. via Yelp

Wading River, New York

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14. Laurels House of Horror

Laurel's House of Horror, Laurel, Maryland
Mister F. via Yelp

Laurel, Maryland

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13. Hotel of Horror

Hotel of Horror, Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania
Hotel of Horror via Yelp

Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

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12. Ocean City Screams Haunted House

Ocean City Screams Haunted House, Ocean City, Maryland
Ocean City Screams Haunted House via Yelp

Ocean City, Maryland

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11. Reaper's Revenge Haunted Attraction

Reaper's Revenge Haunted Attraction, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Cipriano M. via Yelp;

Stranton, Pennsylvania

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10. Fright Kingdom

Fright Kingdom, Nashua, New Hampshire
Fright Kingdom via Yelp

Nashua, New Hampshire

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9. Dark Hour Haunted House

Dark Hour Haunted House, Plano, Texas
Prince H. via Yelp

Plano, Texas

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8. Scream Hollow Wicked Hallow

Scream Hollow wicked Halloween Park, Smithville, Texas
Norm G. via Yelp

Sithville, Texas

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7. 13th Gate Haunted House

13th Gate Haunted House, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Steve l. via Yelp

Baton Rouge, Lousiana

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6. Scream-A-Geddon

Scream-a-Geddon, Dade City, Florida
Emilio E. via Yelp; Danielle M. via Yelp

Dade City, Florida

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5. Shocktober

Shocktober, Leesburg, Virginia
Shocktober via Yelp

Leesburg, Virginia

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4. Mysterious Mansion

Mysterious Mansion, Gatlinburg, Tennessee
Brandy Q. via Yelp; Zewditu via Yelp

Gatilinburg, Tennessee

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3. Mable's 6 Feet Under

Marble's 6 Feet Under, Anaheim, California
Carolyn C. via Yelp

Anaheim, California

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2. Paranoia Miamia

Paranoia Miami, Miami, Florida
Lexus P. via Yelp; Jorge Z. via Yelp

Miami, Florida

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1. The Backwoods Maze

The Backwoods Maze, Burbank, California
Julienne D. via Yelp

Burbank, California

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