You can check in, but can you check out?

Exterior of motel from 2007 film Vacancy by director Nimrod Antal
Credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment/Photofest

Getting into the Halloween spirit and timed with the latest creepy motel-set film, "Bad Times at the El Royale," FandangoNOW surveyed more than 1,000 moviegoers and asked which films featured the most nightmarish lodging.

“Movie fans are forever fascinated and creeped out by horror movie motels and hotels not only because the films themselves are unforgettable, but also because spending a night away from home is a very relatable experience for everyone,” Erik Davis, Fandango’s managing editor, said.

Topping the list of scary settings was the Overlook Hotel from "The Shining," where spirits of the dead and the very much alive Jack Nicholson terrorized a family during winter in the vacant inn. Next was "Psycho" with the unforgettable Bates Motel.

Other films and settings named in the survey were "Hostel" (a Slovakian hostel), "1408" (Dolphin Hotel),"The Devil’s Rejects" (Kahiki Palms Motel), "Vacancy" (Pinewood Motel), "The Witches" (Hotel Excelsior), "Identity" (Desert Valley Motel), "Hotel Artemis"(Hotel Artemis), and "Don’t Look Now" (Europa Hotel).

The fictional once-grand resort featured in "Bad Times at the El Royale" starring Jeff Bridges and John Hamm is set on the California/Nevada border.

“Although it may be too early for the El Royale to join this list since the movie just came out, these top 10 creepy hotels and motels are all uniquely memorable and forever frightful,” Davis told Travel + Leisure. “From their striking exteriors to their ghoulish interiors, the freaky movie memories these destinations have created will forever be etched into our minds.”

Movie fans who want to revisit these films can find them on FandangoNOW, a streaming service that curates entertainment for various occasions. What better way is there to get into the Halloween mood than to turn out the lights and shudder through a few of these classics?

Davis leaves us with this warning: “Remember travel rule number one, according to Hollywood: if the motel or hotel appears to be empty, there might be a good reason for it.”

See the full list of scary movie hotels below:

1. Overlook Hotel ("The Shining")

2. Bates Motel ("Psycho")

3. Slovakian hostel ("Hostel")

4. Dolphin Hotel ("1408")

5. Kahiki Palms Motel ("The Devil’s Rejects")

6. Pinewood Motel ("Vacancy")

7. Hotel Excelsior ("The Witches")

8. Desert Valley Motel ("Identity")

9. Hotel Artemis ("Hotel Artemis")

10. Europa Hotel ("Don’t Look Now")