Disney's New Wheelchair-friendly Costumes Are Truly Halloween Magic

These inclusive costumes are available now.

Two Disney made wheel chair fittings for halloween costumes depicting Cinderella's carriage and The Incredibles's car
Photo: Courtesy of Disney

I am going to say something that may truly scare you: Halloween is just ten weeks away. We know, time is flying at a terrifying rate. But hang on because Disney is here to make you feel a little less afraid and make sure that Halloween is a holiday that everyone can look forward to as well.

Disney has long created incredible costumes for fans to purchase directly from their store for a Halloween look that will most certainly impress. And now, the Mouse House is also offering new adaptable costumes and wheelchair covers that can turn anyone's wheelchair into the carriage or rocket ship of their dreams.

As The Mighty explained, the new children's costumes are constructed with stretch fabric that opens in the back for ease of use. The costumes also come with self-stick fabric closures to make dressing easier as well. The offerings include a Buzz Lightyear costume, a Cinderella costume, and a suit from The Incredibles.

"Your Space Ranger's imagination will take flight to infinity and beyond while wearing this adaptive Buzz Lightyear Costume," Disney wrote in the description of the costume. "Featuring the intergalactic essentials to defeat Emperor Zurg, including gloves, this dress-up treat has an opening at the back and discreet front opening with a flap."

Beyond the costumes, Disney is also offering two wheelchair covers to turn people into a princess or a superhero depending on their Halloween mood. The wheelchair covers fit over standard wheelchairs with 24-inch wheels and have supportive piping for added structure. Disney noted the wheelchair must be operated with a helper when the costume is attached and that it is not to be used with battery-powered wheelchairs.

The costumes and covers are sold separately. Each product runs at about $49.99. However, there are a few costume upgrades available to add a little more flair to your next Halloween. Check out the entire shop here.

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