These early predictions give us a sneak peek at Christmas Day snow.
Areas most likely to have a White Christmas
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We know you’re dreaming of it, but is a white Christmas in the cards for your town?

The big day may still be weeks away, but early weather predictions are beginning to give us a glimpse of the holiday in question. While forecasts made this far in advance don’t always pan out, one of the most trusted sources in predicting the year’s weather patterns have put their hat in the ring.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac, a resource that’s been used to predict weather patterns, planting charts, and astronomical data since 1792, offers 30 to 60 day long-range weather predictions online, now encompassing the holiday season. Showing “weather trends in temperatures and precipitation,” the predictions are made 18 months in advance, but are said to be “traditionally 80% accurate.”

While we can’t guarantee that the Almanac’s forecasts will come to fruition, this first look gives us an idea of what to expect this Christmas. As the holiday fast approaches, keep your eyes on the weather for more up-to-date, specific weather predictions on December 25.

Areas most likely to have a White Christmas
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The Areas Most Likely to See Snow

The upper midwest region of the country, spanning most of Minnesota, northern Wisconsin, eastern North Dakota and South Dakota, and the northern tip of Michigan is one of the most likely areas to see snow this year, with the Almanac predicting possible snowstorms on the 25th.

Snow showers and cold weather are also predicted for most of Montana, western North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska, eastern Wyoming, and possibly parts of Colorado and Kansas.

Unsurprisingly, Alaska is predicted to see cold weather and some snow as well.

The Areas That Might See Snow

Although snowy conditions are more possible than probable in these areas, it wouldn’t take a Christmas miracle for places like Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and northern Massachusetts and New York to see some snow showers on the 25th.

Additionally, most of Pennsylvania, Maryland, eastern West Virginia, and central Virginia could see some flakes, although the Almanac predicts they may also turn to rain.

The Intermountain region of the country could also be gearing up for some flurries and snow days, namely in Utah, western Wyoming, Idaho, eastern Oregon and Washington, and western Montana.

Don’t live in any of the states listed here? Don’t count yourselves out just yet. Forecasts can change drastically in the weeks leading up to Christmas, throwing snowflakes at unexpected areas of the country. Still, we’d recommend that residents of Florida and Hawaii don’t hold their breath.