By Melanie Lieberman
Updated October 14, 2016
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Credit: Tom Merton/Getty Images

If you’re wondering what quirky souvenir you can acquire on every trip you take, consider seeking out Christmas tree ornaments. These tiny talismans are a great way to highlight your travels—and they won’t take up too much space on your return trip home.

Whether you snag them as souvenirs on your next trip or stock up ahead of the holiday season (it’s never too late to start a collection), these travel-inspired ornaments are the best way to put a globetrotting spin on your Christmas spirit.


Nothing will remind you of a hop across the pond more than this glittery, hand-painted double-decker bus ornament. Pair it with a sparkling crown and Union Jack-adorned phone booth, and your tree will feel downright British.

Credit: Courtesy of World Market


This blown-glass passport is a great way to share your passion for exploration. Unfortunately, this version of the U.S. travel document won’t actually get you access into foreign countries.

Credit: Courtesy of World Market


Made in India, this set of four fabric elephant ornaments will add brilliant pops of color to your holiday tableau. Each one has delicate sequin, braided, and stitched details.

Credit: Courtesy of Crate and Barrel


With a traditional Scandinavian-inspired folk art design, this pinewood ball and red tassel tree hanging is a very subtle way to recall your travels to Norway, Sweden, or Finland.

Credit: Courtesy of Pier 1 Imports


A traditional glass ball ornament is elevated with a skillful reverse hand-painted image of a beach vacation. Each ornament is unique, and may showcase snowbirds running across a shell-studded beach, wreathed Adirondack chairs, or a decked-out sandcastle.

Credit: Courtesy of Delft Blue Shop


Could there be anything more Dutch than the iconic blue-and-white Delft Blue pottery? Instead of splurging on a set of new china, purchase a few Delft Blue Christmas ornaments, like this tulip-shaped ornament or a windmill hanging.

Credit: Courtesy of White House Historical Society


Every year since 1981, the White House Historical Association has issued a new tree ornament to honor past American presidents. In 2015, the LED-lit ornament was an ode to President Coolidge, who presided over the first National Christmas Tree.

Credit: Courtesy of Novica


Like the ornamental bells hung in Buddhist temples across Thailand, these brass, handcrafted ornaments are an elegant, understated addition to your Christmas tree.

Credit: Courtesy of Novica


Another nod to India, this set of papier-mâché ornaments depicts painted scenes of camels crossing the desert. In Kashmir, where artist Fida Hussain creates these thoughtful ornaments, the art of papier-mâché is a centuries-old tradition.

Credit: Courtesy of World Market


Instead of a winter scene, conjure springtime in Japan with these festive plum blossom lanterns. Your boughs will look elegant adorned in these frosted glass bulbs, sold in a trio of peach, magenta, and turquoise.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon


No global Christmas tree would be complete without a token from Paris. Consider a hand-painted, Kurt Adler Eiffel Tower and a porcelain, Notre Dame Cathedral-inspired stained glass pendant.

Credit: courtesy of Amazon


Whether you’re browsing the web or perusing souvenir shops in New York City, you’ll find countless ways to pay tribute to the sleepless city on your Christmas tree. Consider a resin New York skyline ornament, with a wreath-adorned Chrysler Building and Lady Liberty donning a Santa’s cap.

Credit: Courtesy of Amazon


Haven’t checked that trip to Australia off your bucket list? No worries, mate! Just hang this vintage-style, leather-strap suitcase ornament with hand-painted pictures of a koala and Ayers Rock from your tree.

Credit: Courtesy of Neiman Marcus


Sometimes, the most fun part of traveling is getting there. This Waterford crystal train engine ornament was mouth blown, and is a perfect way to add a bit of luxury to your travel-themed Christmas. Each piece comes with a jeweled ornament hanger.