By Jordi Lippe and Jordi Lippe-McGraw
March 23, 2016
discover santa convention

As it turns out, even Santa Claus celebrates Christmas in July. Saint Nick, his wife, and thousands of his closest holiday-loving friends are headed to Branson, Missouri this summer for the annual “Discover Santa” convention.

The Kringle Group announced on Tuesday that this year’s “Kringle Family reunion” would take place July 6-10 with participants coming from all 50 states, plus Europe, Asia, and Australia. The celebrations marks the tenth anniversary of the original Discover Santa Convention, originally held in Branson in July of 2006.

“There has never been a group of Santas this large meeting anywhere in the world,” National Santa, Tim Connaghan, said in a statement.

The convention will include “The Parade of Red Suits,” “SNO-lympics” games, a “Meet the Kringles” fashion show, a gala dinner with a “Red is the new Black” theme, and two days of workshops and training (proposed topics include beard and moustache care, and storytelling techniques). There will also be a “Kringle Family Showcase” where special vendors show off their various wardrobe offerings and products for the whole North Pole crew.

“We are very excited to welcome the Santas to Branson this summer,” Branson Mayor Karen Best said. “I personally plan on tracking down a few Santas to get my wish list in early.”

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