This Santa Club Will Send Your Kids Custom Videos Straight From the 'North Pole'

Santa’s Club offers three types of personalized virtual experiences with Saint Nick.

2020 is the year of all things virtual from work meetings and festivals to weddings and baby showers, so why would our holiday celebrations be any different? This Christmas, you can't drag anyone to the mall for a photo opp with Santa, but that doesn't mean the kiddos have to forego their face time with good ol' Saint Nick.

Family visiting Santa in the North Pole virtually
Courtesy of Santa's Club

Santa's Club, a new online company, is now offering three types of virtual experiences where children can meet Mr. Claus. Before each experience, Santa's Club will gather information about the child like their name, their favorite TV show, or what toys they want for Christmas. With those details in mind, each virtual experience with Santa Claus is far more personalized than the average mall encounter. They'll also feel a bit more realistic as Santa broadcasts from his cozy setting in the North Pole.

Santa's Club invite example
Courtesy of Santa's Club

For $34.99, parents can sign up to receive a customized video message from Santa Claus for their children. These videos usually run 2-3 minutes long and are designed to address one child. Not much planning is required for this gift as the video will be delivered within 72 hours of purchase.

For $15 more, parents can opt for a live meet and greet for up to three children. During this five-minute conversation, Santa Claus will engage with each child personally and wow them with the details he already knows about their lives. This package also comes with a keepsake video so the kiddos (or let's face it, their parents) can relive the experience as much as they please.

The most popular option, however, is the Complete Santa's Club Experience for $64.99. This purchase comes with all the goodies of the previous package, as well as an invitation mailed from the North Pole to welcome participants to Santa's Club. The invitation includes a personalized envelope with the child's name, Santa's silver seal, a letter from Santa, and a bright red wristband reminding children to be on their best behavior throughout the Christmas season.

For more information or to schedule your live virtual visit with Saint Nick, head to Santa's Club's official website.

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