Take a Tour of New York City's Best Holiday Cocktails in This Episode of 'Walk With T+L'

It's Christmastime in the city, and you're invited to sample the seasonal drinks.

New York City is a classic holiday destination, with iconic sights like the Rockefeller Center tree and the Rockettes, but another charming way to explore the city is to tour of the many Christmastime cocktails found at bars that go all-in on the holiday theme.

In this episode of Walk With T+L, Greg Boehm, creator and founder of Miracle Pop-Ups, takes viewers across the city to three bars known for their Christmas cocktails. Almost all of the drinks are served in fun, unique glassware that adds an extra bit of flare.

Interior of Miracle on Ninth Street
Courtesy of Erica Cipollina

In the East Village, Boehm's first stop is the Boilermaker, which this time of year turns into Sippin' Santa, a beachy wonderland of Santas-in-sunglasses and palm tree decor. The tiki-themed atmosphere spills over into all of the bar's drinks, as Boehm samples the Azul Navidad, a blue piña colada concoction, along with The Regifter, served up in a surprising mermaid Santa mug.

The festive tour continues in Alphabet City, where the next stop is Boehm's own bar, Miracle on Ninth Street. He says the decor and style is all based on his own grandparents' basement from the 1950s, giving the bar a classic, vintage Christmas vibe. Drinks include the Christmas Carol Barrel, with lots of seasonal flavors like cinnamon and chocolate, and the Santa Rex, a fruit-forward cocktail which comes in a T-rex glass.

Holiday cocktails from Miracle on Union at Thief
Daniel Schwartz/Courtesy of Thief

Finally, viewers head to Williamsburg, Brooklyn, for Miracle on Union, which is the bar Thief, just recast as a holiday hot spot two months of the year. Walls of fake fluffy snow are illuminated by Christmas lights, and owner John McNulty says he loves the transformation because, "Christmas parties are always the best time of the year."

Christmas cocktails here include the Jingle Balls Nog, which is homemade in-house, and the On Dasher, a take on a gin fizz with tons of marshmallow fluff syrup and a toasted marshmallow on top.

As Boehm wraps up his winter wonderland tour, he encourages any visitors who travel to New York City this winter to drop in and grab a festive drink at one of the many over-the-top themed bars that transform for the season.

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