Montreal’s Infamous Ugly Christmas Tree Is Back — Along With a Village Full of 'Holiday Imperfections'

Your ugly Christmas sweater is so 2015.

Village du Vilain Sapin de Montréal Canada Ugly Christmas Tree
Photo: Îlot 84 / Village du Vilain Sapin de Montréal

Montreal’s famously “ugly” Christmas tree, which gained popularity in 2016 both in the city and on the internet, has returned to spread hideous holiday cheer in 2017.

Last year, Montreal hoped to erect North America’s largest holiday tree. When the tree actually arrived, the city was disappointed to find it was not, in fact, the biggest. However, it was ranked the ugliest, at least in Canada. And lo, a holiday tradition was born.

Village du Vilain Sapin de Montréal Canada Ugly Christmas Tree
Îlot 84 / Village du Vilain Sapin de Montréal

This year’s tree was inaugurated last Friday as part of a new installation in downtown Montreal called Village du Vilain Sapin, a Christmas village full of holiday imperfections — including the lopsided tree. The group responsible for constructing the village wanted to honor last year’s tree.

“It could become a Montreal tradition — instead of having a magnificent, perfect tree every year, you have one that’s authentic, crooked, a little bizarre with personality that could be super original and a mark of distinction for Montreal,” Pelletier told the Montreal Gazette.

Pelletier’s group was also charged with purchasing the tree last year, which started the whole controversy in the first place. “We never thought a huge international controversy would have revolved around the estheticism of a tree,” he said.

Despite some residents being embarrassed by it, the ugly tree has come to be accepted. It has even gained a bit of sentience with its own Twitter account, which can get a little existential.

We don’t think it’s such a bad little tree. Maybe it just needs a little love.

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