By Stacey Leasca
December 05, 2019
Credit: Yunkai/Courtesy of LuminoCity Festival 2019

Holiday light shows are illuminating the night skies all over the world this season, however, none are as original as New York City’s LiminoCity show.

LuminoCity, a multimedia entertainment company, has completely transformed Randall’s Island into a fantasy-filled light and art show that must be seen to be believed.

Credit: Yunkai/Courtesy of LuminoCity Festival 2019

“By exploring the intersection of art forms, LuminoCity seeks to blur the lines between virtuality and reality when curating unforgettable experiences for all audiences,” the team explains on the event website. “In the inaugural year of 2019, LuminoCity proudly presents its signature event LuminoCity Festival, a month-long holiday event with an exhibition of spectacular light art displays, live performances, and a celebration of cultures.”

Credit: Yunkai/Courtesy of LuminoCity Festival 2019

At the show, guests can explore three different worlds — a wild adventure, the sweet dream, and a winter fantasy. The entire show was inspired by its founder Xiaoyi Chen’s memories of lantern festivals she attended in China as a child. In total, it took more than 40 artists two years to bring her vision to life.

But again, it cannot be stressed enough that this event is unlike any light show you may have seen before.

According to The New York Post, in the Winter Fantasy world, you won’t find a typical tree, but rather you’ll find a 13-foot-tall frozen unicorn and an even bigger 30-foot-high twinkling castle.

Credit: Yunkai/Courtesy of LuminoCity Festival 2019
Credit: Yunkai/Courtesy of LuminoCity Festival 2019

In Wild Adventure, guests can interact with animatronic dinosaurs in a pre-historic holiday scene, and in Sweet Dream, visitors can take a walk through the doughnut tunnel and eat a few sweet treats.

LiminoCity also offers a few activities for guests to enjoy including lantern-making, bracelet-weaving, and craft-making workshops. Visitors can also check out the goods at the holiday market and find plenty of snacks, including dumplings and fried ice cream, to try along the way.

LuminoCity is open now through January 5, 2020 Tickets run between $19 to $88.