By Andrea Romano
November 23, 2017
Credit: David Cleveland

The Shard skyscraper in London is raising money for charity this year with a gorgeous glass Christmas tree made entirely of pendant lights.

Designer Lee Broom partnered with glassware company Nude, according to The Shard, to create a 32-foot-tall tree made of 245 individual hand-blown glass pendant lights. The tree is on display at Aqua Shard, the restaurant on the skyscraper's 31st floor.

Credit: David Cleveland

The pendant lights, which are for sale for a donation of £150 (or about $200), resemble the iconic, triangular skyscraper in the heart of the city.

“As well as observing the interior of The Shard with its angles and facets, I also considered the building as a whole,” Broom told Dezeen. “The overall silhouette of the tree pretty much resembles the composition of The Shard itself, also the singular pendants are based on this too.”

Part of the revenue from the donations will go the British Red Cross, the U.K. Solidarity Fund, and the London Fire Relief Fund.

In order to not obstruct the view for people dining at the Aqua Shard restaurant, where the tree is on display, two sides of each pendant are patterned to refract light differently so patrons can see through the tree, according to Dezeen.

Credit: David Cleveland

Creating the tree “was a painstaking process and we had to be incredibly accurate to achieve the overall configuration,” Broom told Dezeen.

If you'd like a pendant for your own, donations can be made on Lee Broom’s website. Donors can expect to receive pendants sometime in February, after the tree is taken down.