By Raisa Bruner
December 20, 2016
UIG via Getty Images

Good news for holiday travelers preparing for flights this week: Meteorologists are predicting milder weather, limiting travel delays.

After a storm-stricken start to the holiday travel season last week, resulting in over 5,000 flight cancelations and nearly 20,000 delays, things are finally looking up for passengers slated to head home for festivities as work and school wraps up through the start of Christmas and Hanukkah.

“We’re on the back side of this latest winter storm and looking forward to a period of relatively good weather ahead of the holiday,” said Delta meteorologist Stephanie Klipfel. And although Chicago and parts of the Midwest are currently undergoing a cold snap, that shouldn’t dramatically affect flight plans.

But things might change during the upcoming long weekend: the West and Plains are gearing up to be hit by a major snowstorm, a “wintry mess of snow, sleet or freezing rain” that might also impact the upper Midwest and parts of New England as well. At least by then holiday revelers will most likely be happily stationed with families and plenty of leftover feasts to ride out the storm—and enjoy a proper White Christmas.