Don't wait to book your flights for the holidays.
The Best Time to Book Christmas Travel
Credit: Ola Dusegard/Getty Images

You haven’t even had your Thanksgiving dinner, but it’s already time to plan your December holiday travel.

Fortunately, we’ve done some of the legwork for you. We’ve determined the absolute best day for you to book your flights for Christmas or Hanukah—and it’s right around the corner.

According to the travel search engine Skyscanner, the week of November 21 (that's the week of Thanksgiving this year) is your earliest opportunity to score savings on Christmas travel.

By analyzing historical flight prices, Skyscanner has announced its predictions for the best time to book your holiday flights. And whether you’re off to spin the dreidel or bake cookies for Santa, you’re going to want to make reservations about five weeks out.

Travelers can save as much as 6.41 percent on December holiday travel by booking the week of November 21. If you’re not ready to book then the week of November 28 offers savings of 2.17 percent—but that number jumps the week of December 5 to an increase of 4.93 percent.

The data shows a dramatic shift from 2015 booking strategies.

“We uncovered that the week of August 10 was the best time to book Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve travel in 2015,” Randi Wolfson, Skyscanner’s head of communications for the Americas, told Travel + Leisure.

And keep in mind that mid-November is also the best time to book a hotel for December. TripAdvisor’s latest data suggests savings of between 21 and 25 percent for domestic hotels, and between 5 and 15 percent for hotels in Europe.