Northern Lights
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After a rough year, one New Year’s Eve celebration may not be enough.

Thanks to time zones, it’s possible to say goodbye to 2017 twice in one night with a trip to Finland and Sweden, which Off the Map travel is offering.

Travelers fly into Lulea Airport in Northern Sweden on December 30 to acclimate to the Arctic before celebrations.

New Year’s Eve starts with a three-hour dog sledding expedition through the arctic. Then there’s time to freshen up and prepare for the party, beginning with a four-course gala dinner. Festivities take place outdoors along the Torne River in Finland. Guests can drink champagne at riverside ice bars, meet locals at the bonfire, heat up in a sauna and watch fireworks when the clock strikes midnight.

Those on the trip will also take part in the Finnish New Year’s tradition of “casting tin.” Everybody gets a small piece of tin which they melt down and then throw into a bucket of cold water. The tin solidifies into a shape, which is supposed to be a sign of the coming year.

And immediately after, it’s on to Sweden to celebrate midnight part two, thanks to the hour time difference between the two countries. If conditions are good, not only will travelers experiences two midnights, but two different displays of the northern lights.

The trip lasts four days, with two recovery days to nurse New Year’s hangovers and/or make new resolutions for the year ahead — perhaps receiving a reindeer sleigh driving license? (It’s an option for those on the trip.)

Reindeer Sleigh
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The four-day, three-night trip starts at about $1,720 (£1,299), airfare not included.