Lisbon, Portugal
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With its range of seasonal culinary offerings, snow-capped peaks, and its bustling holiday markets, Europe is a popular destination for winter travel, and new data shows travelers looking to head to European stops this winter can score some of the best rates on airfare right now.

Travelers who book flights by July 29 can save as much as 50 percent of the median airfare to Lisbon, and as much as 20 to 40 percent off flights to Amsterdam, Barcelona, Dublin, Milan, London, and Reykjavik, according to travel search engine Kayak.

Kayak found that while most of us often think about holiday travel closer to October or November, these months also tend to be the most expensive months for booking flights to Europe. Acting fast and booking before the end of the month can mean spending close to half off of flights for this holiday season.

Median airfare for flights booked before July 29 starts at $550 to Reykjavik (a savings of 34 percent), at $623 to Amsterdam (a savings of 42.8 percent), at $672 to Dublin (a savings of 44 percent), at $672 to London (a savings of 24 percent), at $703 to Barcelona (a savings of 46 percent), and at $885 to Lisbon (a savings of 45 percent).

Travelers have a bit longer to book flights to Madrid, which are up to 11 percent off through Aug. 5. Deals to Paris, Rome, Frankfurt, and Munich also extend throughout the month of September, giving travelers more time to save as much as 44 percent on flights to Paris, 41 percent on flights to Frankfurt, 50 percent on flights to Munich, and 53 percent off flights to Rome.

Kayak also found that July is the best time to book flights to Asia, with travelers able to save anywhere between 24 to 30 percent on flights to Bangkok, Bali, and Ho Chi Minh City when booking before July 29.

Bangkok, Thailand
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Travelers will find the best savings on flights to Beijing between July 29 and Aug. 5, while the top savings for Hong Kong fall between Aug. 5 and 12.

The data is based on searches between July 1, 2018 and Dec. 1, 2018, and median airfares for travel dates between Dec. 31, 2017 and Dec. 15 2019.