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When it comes to celebrating this upcoming Fourth of July, don’t be half-hearted about it. America’s biggest national holiday demands excitement, wherever you find yourself. Whether you’re stashed away in a hotel or in the midst of a multi-generational family reunion, July 4th is the ultimate excuse for a party. Travel + Leisure shows you how other parts of the country celebrate—and, as a result, inspire you to make your next Independence Day simply great.Find the best eventsTravel + Leisure is dedicated to bringing you the very best Independence Day events, from New York’s iconic Macy’s display to Nashville’s symphony-accompanied extravaganza, one of the country’s largest July 4th fireworks shows. There are other, less conventional ways to celebrate July 4th, too: a hot dog eating contest on Coney Island, for starters. And in small towns across the country, there are enough gunnysack races, dog parades, and outdoor potlucks to keep the festivities going all weekend long.How to travel on July 4thOn lawns across America, July 4th represents a day of unfiltered celebration. With hot dog-loaded grills, frosty beer bottles in the cooler, and American flags raised high, the holiday is an invitation to simply relax and enjoy. But what happens if you find yourself on the road? Travel + Leisure compiles the best holiday celebration opportunities across the entire country, from braving the crowds at Chicago’s Navy Pier to catching the fireworks display light up San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, so you don’t miss out on the fun. For low-maintenance travelers who prefer patriotism minus the city crowds, we’ve got you covered, too. July 4th celebrations run the gamut, from classic county fairs to outdoor concerts to full-marathon races. And in Hawaii, July 4th honors the independence of not just humans, but sea turtles, too.From coast to coast, the variety of July 4th celebrations simply astounds. By actively honoring our country as a whole, the individual character of each city and town begins to emerge, revealing the true meaning of independence.

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The Best Hot Dog in Every State

Hot dogs are a summer staple, and people tend to either love them or hate them. While some of us have been burned by too many bad cookouts, there are many more out there who start craving some salty, meaty deliciousness whenever the weather starts to heat up. If you are a lover of hot dogs, you know that it’s not just about the meat. You’ve probably judged a dog or two in your life, testing for the quality of its snap, the flavor of the sausage, the quality and balance of the toppings, to get the perfect hot dog experience. Related:The Best Beaches in the U.S. for Celebrating July 4th Luckily, there are so many others like you across the country, and they’re on Yelp. The restaurant rating website compiled a list of the best hot dog joints in every state, based on identifying businesses in the restaurant and food categories with a large concentration of reviews mentioning the word "hot dog.” The site ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews mentioning key words. The result is a comprehensive list of the number one place in each state where people can find the juiciest, tastiest, and most unique hot dog to satisfy their cravings. You can get the best dog at food trucks, hometown establishments with only the classics, or unique joints with tons of experimental toppings. There’s literally something for everyone. No matter what style of establishment, every place on Yelp’s list has a rating of four stars or above, so you know you’ll be getting a high quality dog.