This Might Be the Most Popular Summer Travel Destination, According to Google Searches

Google shares a little peek into where people are looking to travel this summer.

Busy day on Regent street with crowds of people and cars, London, England, UK

Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

If you're trying to book the most popular travel destination for your summer getaway, Google is here to help. The search engine used its Google Flights data to see where travelers are hoping to go this summer.

The top query for summer 2023 — specifically, June through August — is London, followed by Cancun, Mexico; Paris; Orlando, Florida; Rome; and New York City.

Busy day on Regent street with crowds of people and cars, London, England, UK

Alexander Spatari/Getty Images

Of the top 20 most-searched destinations, European cities are trending, with Rome, Barcelona, and Dublin all making the list as well. Tokyo also made the cut, following Japan's reopening last October. As domestic destinations go, beyond Orlando and NYC, summer vacationers are searching for Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami, Chicago, Boston, and San Francisco.

American travelers are leaning into solo travel, as searches for solo travel destinations, solo cruises, and solo travel for women are all up. (Searches for "solo travel destinations," for example, spiked by more than 120 percent in the U.S. over the past year.) The most-searched-for solo travel destinations include Japan, New Orleans, Iceland, Mexico City, and Italy.

And for couples, the most-searched romantic locales are Jamaica; Bora Bora; Turks and Caicos; the Maldives; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Unsurprisingly, Google found there's an all-time high for searches around passports ahead of summer travel. (The U.S. State Department is currently processing 500,000 passports a week and most recent estimates say passport processing time is currently 10 to 13 weeks.)

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