This Google Flights Search Hack Will Show You the Lowest Price for Your Flight

A TikTok video shows a Google Flights search hack could save on airfare.

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A viral TikTok travel hack is claiming a simple click through Google Flights could land you a dream trip has thousands of comments from frequent fliers weighing in with their opinions. 

The video, posted content creator Sam Jarman, explains that the secret is all in the Google Flights search parameters — specifically if a travelers doesn't input any days, they'll be able to view the lowest possible price for flights over a period of time. 

In the example, he demonstrates a booking from Los Angeles to New York roundtrip which originally is priced at $217, and he is able to find a discounted fare at $177.

However, viewers of the video point out that the savings might not be worth it as it will generally only show basic economy fares, which are less enticing to frequent fliers due to the restrictions.

“That's a basic economy for sure which is a non changeable flight. And a lost value upon cancellation” points out one viewer in the comments.

Travel + Leisure tried out this method and was able to verify it can help you get discount fares, but only if you have the flexibility to choose your own travel dates. For travelers concerned about not booking a basic economy fare, T+L recommends going into Google Flights, and in the “Bag” section, add one carry-on. This will likely only display economy fares without the basic economy restrictions. 

If you are looking to get the cheapest possible airfare, T+L recently reported on alternative strategies including booking as far in advance as possible, and signing up for price notifications from services like Google Flights which alert you when prices drop - or begin to rise! 

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