This $20 Emergency Sleeping Bag Will Give You Peace of Mind Ahead of All Outdoor Adventures

It should be in every single trunk or hiking pack.

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 Go Time Gear Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag Thermal Bivvy Tout


As hard as we may try to control every aspect of our lives (just me?), the truth is that the unexpected happens. And, as the old adage goes, luck favors the prepared — which means that it’s our responsibility to think through some potential dire situations and what we might need to make it through. If you’re making an emergency “must-have” list, this lightweight sleeping bag on Amazon should be right at the top.

For $20, the Go Time Gear Life emergency sleeping bag will offer you priceless peace of mind, knowing that no matter what situation you find yourself in (think: stranded on the side of the road during a snowstorm or having a day hike turn into an unexpected overnight), you’ll be able to stay warm and dry until you can make a move. The best case scenario is you never have to use it. And in the worst, it keeps you safe and warm in a moment when things don’t go as planned. As one reviewer puts owning the bivy sack: “There literally is no downside; buy one!”

 Go Time Gear Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag Thermal Bivvy

To buy:; $20 (originally $25)

The waterproof and windproof survival sack is only 4.1 oz, so it won’t add much weight to a pack or trunk kit, and it stuffs into a bag that’s only 4x3 inches. The tear and puncture-resistant mylar has an interior lining that reflects 90 percent of your own body heat, making it surprisingly warm for its weight. Additional utility comes in the form of a 120-decibel whistle so you can alert rescuers up to a mile away of your need for help and location along with a heavy-duty paracord drawstring on the stuff sack that can be used to repair gear or even start a fire

The emergency sleeping bag can also be used as an extra liner in a regular sleeping bag for added warmth on especially cold nights or as a top layer to keep your sleeping bag dry. On its own, the compact sack is rated to keep you warm in temperatures down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep in mind that this isn’t intended to be used instead of a sleeping bag for planned overnight trips, but it’s clutch in case of emergency. And, if Murphy’s law holds true, that $20 might just save you from ever having to use the handy piece of gear at all. Shop one on Amazon now.

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