Global Vision Awards

The Travel + Leisure Global Vision Awards aim to identify and honor companies, individuals, destinations, and organizations taking strides to develop more sustainable and responsible travel products, practices, and experiences. Not only are they demonstrating thought leadership and creative problem-solving, they are taking actionable, quantifiable steps to protect communities and environments around the world. What’s more, they are inspiring their industry colleagues and travelers to do their part.

Global Vision Awards 2021

4 Impact-driven Hotels and Hospitality Brands

These Global Vision Awards honorees are setting a new standard in the industry — putting in the work to care for their staff, for their communities, and for the environment. 

3 Brands Creating More Sustainable Options for Travel Essentials

The Global Vision Awards honorees in this category are raising retail standards to prioritize sustainable sourcing and ethical manufacturing practices.

7 People Making Sustainability and Social Justice a Priority in Science, Wine, Tourism, and Beyond

These Global Vision Awards honorees are digging deep in their respective fields, asking us to be more thoughtful about the places we travel, the things we consume, and the ways we inhabit the world.

3 Travel Experiences That Will Change the Way You Think About Tourism

These Global Vision Awards honorees are re-envisioning what tourism looks like, and what it’s for — making travel more accessible, and more meaningful, for us all.

3 Destinations Leading the Charge for Sustainable Tourism

The destinations honored in this year’s Global Vision Awards are taking measures to protect their land and communities for generations of visitors (and residents) to come. 

3 Collectives Working to Make Travel More Sustainable and Inclusive

These Global Vision Awards honorees are collectives that prove the tremendous value in working together to improve the travel industry.

More Global Vision Awards

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Here’s how Travel + Leisure chose the Global Vision Awards panel and whittled down the contenders to the final list of honorees.