Global Vision Awards

The Travel + Leisure Global Vision Awards aim to identify and honor companies, individuals, destinations, and organizations taking strides to develop more sustainable and responsible travel products, practices, and experiences. Not only are they demonstrating thought leadership and creative problem-solving, they are taking actionable, quantifiable steps to protect communities and environments around the world. What’s more, they are inspiring their industry colleagues and travelers to do their part.

Global Vision Awards 2020

Global Vision Awards 2020: How We Chose the Panel and Honorees

Here’s how Travel + Leisure chose the Global Vision Awards panel and whittled down the contenders to the final list of honorees.

These Innovative Hotels Are Leaders in Sustainable Travel

By building sustainable hotels and developing robust human-resources programs for staff members, these Global Vision Awards honorees are improving the hospitality industry.

Three Retail Brands Making Waves in Sustainable Fashion and Housewares

Whether you’re shopping for travel-friendly outdoors gear or one-of-a-kind housewares, you’ll be supporting sustainable endeavors by buying from these Global Vision Award-winning retailers.

Five People Changing the Way We Think About Sustainable Travel

A visionary president leading his nation in the face of rising sea levels. A wine scion bringing together climate thought leaders. An activist galvanizing youth all over the world. These Global Vision Awards honorees are the voices we need now.

The Initiatives, Organizations, and Governments on the Forefront of Conservation and Sustainability Today

By spearheading policy and protecting vulnerable land in destinations like Puerto Rico and Zimbabwe, these Global Vision Awards honorees are doing the work to protect our planet.

These Aviation Companies and Organizations Are Addressing the Environmental Impact of Air Travel Head On

From installing solar panels at airports to developing an all-electric light aircraft, these Global Vision Awards honorees are challenging the aviation industry to do better.

These Travel Companies Created Tools to Help You Travel More Sustainably

The Global Visions Awards honorees in this category can help you build more sustainable travel habits right from the moment you book a trip.