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The Best Men’s Travel Gifts Under $50

These affordable travel gifts for men may each be under $50, but they are sure to surprise and delight any traveling man in your life. Road warriors will appreciate practical solutions like a travel-ready shave set or a recovery kit that’s intended for new dads (but also pretty perfect for a long-haul flight). And the adventurous traveler will be thrilled to unwrap a straw that converts contaminated water to drinkable water as he’s drinking it. Related:Women's Travel Gifts Under $50 There are fun gift ideas, too, like a travel-sized beer pong kit and a cheeky cookbook that’s specifically designed for the inevitable hangover. This year, Travel + Leisure is offering its most comprehensive gift guides ever. The goal? Make sure you can find the perfect present for everyone — from the techies to the aviation nerds — on your list. Here are our top picks for men.
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19 Long Distance Gifts That Will Bring You Together in Spirit

Whether your significant other moved across the country to pursue a promising job opportunity, your best friend started a graduate school program in a different state, or you left home to travel the world, you know just how difficult long distance relationships can be. To ease the challenges of the LDR, the editors at Travel + Leisure put together a gift guide that covers every type of long distance relationship: couples, mother/daughter, best friends, siblings, grandparents/grandson/granddaughter. From custom photo albums to fill-in-the-blank journals and sentimental jewelry, these gifts will either connect you and your loved ones via technology, keep you on their minds, or remind them just how much you love them even when you're not there to say it. Related: More gifts Scroll down to see our picks for the best gifts to bring you and your long distance loved ones together — if not in person, at least in spirit.
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T+L Editors Reveal Their Favorite Gifts to Give (and Get) This Year

As editors, a big portion of our jobs at Travel + Leisure is — you guessed it — traveling. And no matter where we’re jetting off to next (for work or for play), we are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest goods to bring along that make the journey more comfortable, memorable, or enjoyable. Suffice it to say, we like to think of ourselves as experts when it comes to selecting practical yet meaningful gifts. As part of this year’s gift guides — where you’ll find something for everyone on your list, from long-distance friends to your favorite dinner host — we made sure to recommend a few of our personal favorite picks too. Below, you’ll find the gifts that are topping our shopping lists and wish lists this year. They range in price from a $15 set of 4 handmade note cards to a beautiful, cozy pair of $545 Sarah Flint boots (one of Meghan Markle's go-to brands), so we’ve truly got something for every type of traveler you love.
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The Best Women’s Travel Gifts Under $50

As voracious travelers, we all dream of opening up a gift box to find a lone plane ticket (or an airline gift card, to be more literal) to somewhere we've never been before. But what to do when you're shopping for a globetrotter with a budget that's a little less around-the-world flight and a little more one-way Greyhound bus to a neighboring city? We've rounded up some of the best travel-inspired gifts for women, each of which comes in at less than $50.  Related:50 Gifts Under $50 You can go the practical route, with a sturdy backpack or a mini travel emergency kit that includes everything from earplugs to stain remover wipes. Or perhaps you'd like to stir the spirit of travel even at home with a stunning photo book or a foil-pressed map print of a favorite destination. And of course, you certainly can't go wrong with small leather goods — from a chic passport cover to a colorful travel wallet to Instagram-ready luggage tags.  This year, Travel + Leisure is offering its most comprehensive gift guide ever. The goal? To make sure you can find the perfect present for everyone on your list — style obsessives, coffee connoisseurs, and more. Here, our top picks for jet-setting women.
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10 Online Stores With the Most Unique Gift Ideas

There's something about shopping for gifts in person that feels a little magical, especially during the holiday season. Christmas markets, local boutiques, and even department stores just have that extra bit of cheer. Perhaps it's the festive décor? The jolly, jingling soundtrack? The thrill of discovering that perfect-for-them present after wandering aisle after aisle? That's a tricky feeling to replicate when shopping online — unless you know where to look.  For gift shoppers who want to go the extra mile in thoughtfulness but would prefer everything be shipped directly to their doorsteps, here are some of the very best places to find unique gifts around the web. If you're particularly strapped for time, we've even picked a standout gift travelers will love from each site — from tech essentials to stylish, every-trip accessories. Related16 Customized Gifts to Add a Personal Touch to Your Holidays And make sure to check out the rest of Travel + Leisure's 2019 gift guide, where you'll find creative and thoughtful ideas for anyone on your list — from the always stressed to the royal-obsessed.
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The Best Gifts No One Will Realize You Ordered on Amazon

Between balancing work and personal commitments and trying to squeeze in the occasional vacation, your schedule is full enough without having to pound the pavement trying to find that perfect gift for a loved one. There’s zero shame in one-stop online shopping, and Amazon happens to be one of the best methods, especially if you have a Prime membership. Not only does the retailer carry products from major brands, but now you can find hand-crafted gifts from artisans around the globe. Sure, you can own up to your savvy strategy — or you can pretend you’ve been scoping out gifts on your travels (we're looking at you, chic bubble bath from a small-batch perfumery in Chicago) and squirreling them away all year long. Once you peruse the inspiration below, make sure to check out the rest of Travel + Leisure's 2019 gift guide, where you'll find creative and thoughtful ideas for anyone on your list — from the always stressed to the royal-obsessed.
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The Gifts Business Travelers Will Take on Every Trip

Even people who love to travel can find themselves homesick if they're constantly on the road for work — especially in the face of snags like airport delays or the seemingly endless packing or unpacking. Or they might just start to miss the comforts of home — the people, the scents, the flavors. Luckily, there are more ways than ever to make many of those things portable. Business travelers also place a premium on things that make their trips feel easier, more luxurious, or more fun, so gifts like multitasking bags and elevated wardrobe staples will win big. Once you peruse the inspiration below, make sure to check out the rest of Travel + Leisure's 2019 gift guide, where you'll find creative and thoughtful ideas for anyone on your list — from the always stressed to the royal-obsessed.
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50 Fun Gift Ideas for $50 or Less

Whether it's a thank you to the host for putting together a picture-perfect dinner gathering, a small sentiment for your child's ever-patient teacher, or a gesture to show appreciation for your friend who gave you countless great recommendations for your honeymoon, gift giving is a great way to show friends and family how much they mean to you. But it can also be a challenge. We’ve all been there before: wondering what to get that person to show just how much you care? Shopping and gift-giving should be fun — not stressful. That’s where Travel + Leisure’s gift guides come in. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you to find the perfect gift for whoever’s on your list — be it the jet-setter, the wine lover, the home decorator, the person who’s impossible to shop for because he or she only ever wants practical items (here’s to you, dad), and yes, even the cousin you haven’t seen or talked to in years whose name you pulled for the family gift exchange. Related: Best Men’s Travel Gifts Under $50 We’ve combed the web for fun, interesting, and useful gift ideas that not only show you care, but also show you put a little more thought into it than grabbing a Starbucks gift card on the way to the party. Besides, it’s always a good idea to have inexpensive reserves on hand once the holiday season strikes or a handy list of go-to ideas for birthdays and special occasions. And if you happen to be shopping for someone who loves to travel, well, we’ve got you covered. Below, our picks for pleasing even the most discerning friends and family without spending a dime over $50.
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Gifts for Men Who Love to Travel

If the men you know are obsessed with crossing countries off of their bucket lists, consider this your guide to gift giving. From skin care to travel gadgets and stylish accessories, your globetrotter will be thanking you for giving him an excuse to plan his next trip. Related:Best Men’s Travel Gifts Under $50 There’s a gift on the list for every type of traveler — those who like to arrive in style, those simply looking for comfort and utility, and those looking for a blend of both. We’re sure you’ll find something that will put a smile on his face. This year, Travel + Leisure is offering its most comprehensive gift guide ever. The goal? Make sure you can find the perfect present for everyone (yes, even your mother-in-law) on your list. Below, our picks for the traveling man.