The 26 Best Gifts for Your Instagram-obsessed Friends

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These days, it seems like almost everyone is Instagram obsessed. And judging from the number of friends' vacation selfies and sunsets you've probably scrolled through, even being away from it all doesn't mean unplugging from the popular social app. Admit it: Even when you're meant to be relishing in a digital detox, there's still time between showering and heading out to dinner to sign onto the hotel room Wi-Fi to drop a bit of vacation envy on your social networks. But while everyone you know is probably on Instagram (including your mom who recently joined and you're not quite sure how to feel about it), there are those friends who take their 'gram game to the next level. The ones who will stand on chairs at restaurants to get the perfect overhead shot of their plate. The ones who have consistently hued Instagram grids where nothing looks out of place. The ones who will wait all day to get into popular art exhibits for the promise of that one shot. Related: The Secrets to Becoming Instagram Famous If you're struggling with what to get this person, we've got you covered. This year, our gift guides are designed to make sure you can find the perfect present for everyone on your list — from the coffee aficionados to the Disney fanatics. And as social media is a part of our lives and here to stay, we couldn't forget about the Instagram obsessives. Whether the social media maven in your life is constantly posting wanderlust-inducing travel photos, another new outfit of the day, or drool-worthy meals, we're sure this list of gifts will get a double tap of approval.

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Paper & Clay Mug, Vase, and Planter

paper clay mug vase planter
Courtesy of West Elm

This Scandinavian design-inspired trio (in perfectly Scandi muted tones) is the ultimate Instagram still life starter kit. Just follow these four easy steps to success: 1) Brew coffee and pour in mug. 2) Fill planter with succulent as shown. 3) Fill vase with pens or flowers. 4) Take photo from above and post with a #morningslikethese hashtag.

To buy:, from $36

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Flamingo Pool Float

flamingo pool float
Courtesy of Shopbop

No summertime pool photo is complete without an attention-grabbing floatie. This one’s built for two, so you and your best bud can have double the Insta-fun.

To buy:, $70

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Felt Letter Board

felt letter board
Courtesy of Etsy

These are likely all over your Instagram feed, and for good reason: why write out a caption for your photo when you can send a cuter, pithier message on a letter board that immediately grabs the viewer’s — er, scroller’s — attention?

To buy:, $100

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LuMee iPhone 7 Plus Photo-Lighting Duo Case

lumee iphone 7 plus photo lighting duo case
Courtesy of Neiman Marcus

Not everyone can bring a professional lighting crew with them everywhere à la Khloe Kardashian. But worry not about the dim, blurry selfie photo. The LuMee case, which features studio-quality lights on both the front and back, makes for a perfectly lit photo every time.

To buy:, $70

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Passport Cover

passport cover
Courtesy of

Every good Instagrammer knows that they should tease their trip with a photo at the airport captioned, “Guess where I’m off to next?” But while we do hope your friend's passport is beat up from all the miles they've logged in it, those don't make for the prettiest of pictures. Keep their passport looking fresh with this cheeky cover that also says the one thing on everyone's mind as they get ready to board their flight: I’m outta here!

To buy:, $24

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Anker 20100mAh Portable Charger

Courtesy of Amazon

The one thing an Instagrammer fears most is running out of juice just as they're about to get the perfect shot. Give the gift of never-ending battery life (and worry-free scrolling and camera usage) with this Anker portable charger, which can charge a smartphone more than six times before needing a recharge itself.

To buy:, $42

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'Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat'

Chrissy Teigen Cravings Cookbook
Courtesy of Amazon

Take a cue from social media queen Chrissy Teigen: cook good food, photograph it, and people will like it (even if you're not an internationally famous model). The foodie in your life will love trying new recipes from this book, and hopefully you'll get to come over and chow down with them — after watching them take photos of it, of course.

To buy:, $18

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CLUSE La Bohème Round Watch, Leather Band

cluse la boheme watch
Courtesy of Amazon

Never be caught Instagramming that cappuccino or ice cream cone with bare wrists. This on-trend watch will jazz up any look with — what else? — blush pink leather straps and rose gold hardware.

To buy:, $99

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Silk Peony Bouquet

silk peony bouquet
Courtesy of Etsy

These pretty peonies will add a pop of color to a bedside table, desk, kitchen table, or bookshelf for the Instagram that says: "I’m the type of person who always has fresh flowers around." (The fact that they’re silk will be our secret.)

To buy:, $15

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Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera

fujifilm instax mini 90 instant film camera
Courtesy of Amazon

Taking digital cell phone photos of old-school Polaroid-style photos? It’s so meta and therefore, brilliant. Just be sure to choose a retro-feeling filter.

To buy:, $120 (originally $180)

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Custom Statement Sun Hat

custom statement sun hat
Courtesy of Etsy

If you haven’t noticed a pattern yet, Instagram loves cute messages. Have a friend going on a beach vacay or honeymoon? Gift them a hat embroidered with a fun message like “out of office” or “Mrs. [insert new last name here].” It will surely be the star accessory of many a vacation ‘gram.

To buy:, $55

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Lingua Franca Sweaters

lingua franca sweaters
Courtesy of Net-A-Porter

Complete the jet-setting fashionista look with these cashmere sweaters that turn hip-hop lyrics into cute couture.

To buy:, $360

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White Marble Monogram Board

marble monogram board
Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

The host or hostess with the mostest will love using this personalized board to set up the charcuterie display of their Instagram dreams before their next gathering.

To buy:, $40

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Pendleton Yakima Camp Blanket

pendleton glacier park throw blanket
Courtesy of Amazon

Picture these very Insta-worthy scenarios in which your outdoorsy friend will be able to put this gift to good use: as a shawl for warmth (and fashion) while enjoying hot cider by the campfire, as a picnic blanket set against a backdrop of fall foliage, spread on the floor of the camper van for a cozy place to kick back and enjoy the mountain views, or effortlessly draped across the bed in an A-frame cabin in the woods — just to name a few.

To buy:, $139

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Glossier Phase 1 Set

glossier phase one set
Courtesy of Glossier

The first rule of Instagram: always put your best face forward. For dewy, bright skin, look no further than Glossier.

To buy:, $40

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Throw Pillows

palm leaf throw pillows
Courtesy of Lulu and Georgia

Throw pillows in fun, trendy prints (think palm leaves or ikat patterns) immediately make a bedroom or living room look stylishly lived-in and not dorm-room spare.

To buy:, from $23

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Succulents and Planters

succulents and planters
Courtesy of Amazon

These enormously popular plants will instantly spruce up a home’s aesthetic, and the best part is keeping them alive requires very minimal effort. Pair them with the throw pillows above and you’ve got a budding design blogger (get it?) on your hands.

To buy: succulents,, $19; planters,, $16

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DIY Brush Lettering Starter Set

DIY brush lettering starter set
Courtesy of Amazon

If you follow design bloggers, DIY craft bloggers, artists, career bloggers, or just about any type of “creative,” you’re bound to see a lot of calligraphy on your feed. Your friend will be well on their way to whipping up their own calligraphy creations with this starter set, which includes brush pens (including gold and silver, of course) and letter guides.

To buy:, $43

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‘Read This if You Want to Be Instagram Famous’

read this if you want to be instagram famous book
Courtesy of Amazon

Well, this one’s pretty self-explanatory.

To buy:, $12

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Diptyque Mimosa Scented Candle

diptyque mimosa scented candle
Courtesy of Nordstrom

Cultivate zen in your loved one's life (so they can then document it on social media) with these world-renowned candles that not only look pretty but also smell heavenly.

To buy:, from $34

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Instagram Like Heart Button

instagram like heart button
Courtesy of Etsy

Your friend can wear their feelings about Instagram on their sleeve, literally.

To buy:, $8

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Drybar To Go The Ultimate Travel Essentials Kit

drybar to go ultimate travel essentials kit
Courtesy of Amazon

Even if they've just come off a red-eye from L.A. or spent 25 hours in a cramped airplane seat to Indonesia, help them always look primped and polished with this travel kit, complete with a mini hair dryer (that actually works as well as a full-size one) and dry shampoo and conditioner for those times when they can't just hop into the shower.

To buy:, $179

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Solid & Striped Swimsuit

solid and striped swimsuit
Courtesy of Revolve

Your friend will need a statement swimsuit for all those envious beach photos. The bold stripes on this one will match those azure waters, and the simple one-piece cut is universally flattering.

To buy:, $135

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Parabo Press Framed Photos

parabo press framed photo prints
Courtesy of Parabo Press

Digital photos are fleeting, but some of the memories captured in them are forever. Choose up to 25 photos — from a trip you took together, special days such as weddings or birthdays, or your favorite shots of theirs — and have them printed on thick matte paper. They can then choose to arrange and display them how they wish, like with these easy-to-display wood blocks. The best part? Your first set is free, so this is the perfect thoughtful gift if you’re tight on cash.

To buy:, first set of 25 is free

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DJI Spark Drone

DJI Spark Drone
Courtesy of Amazon

When a selfie stick or tripod just won’t cut it and you want the effect of “a camera crew in a helicopter followed me to this remote beach,” this drone is the answer. At roughly the same size and weight as a can of soda, it’s perfect for travel — and thus perfect for capturing those sweeping aerial shots. The Spark’s 12-megapixel camera takes gorgeous photos and smooth 1080p HD video, and it can fly up to 1.24 miles away at 31 miles an hour. It can even be controlled just by your hand gestures: Mimic a frame shape with your fingers and it takes a photo; hold your arm 45 degrees to the ground and you can start and stop video recording. How cool is that?

To buy:, $318 (originally $499)

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Moment 18mm Wide Lens

Moment New Wide Camera Phone Lens
Courtesy of Moment

For the smartphone photographer who's trying to take their photos to the next level, this is the best attachment lens to add to their arsenal. Moment's wide lens will give their phone a wider field of vision with the capability to capture 2x more picture, but still resulting in sharp, crisp photos without fisheye distortion. Our editors even love the Moment lenses enough to include them in our roundup of the ultimate travel essentials. Don't want to just take our word for it? You can check out the #makemoments Instagram hashtag for photos from mobile photographers themselves.

To buy:, $100

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