By Brianna Wippman / FWx
July 16, 2015
Credit: iStockphoto

Is Paris the macaron capital of the world? Which city loves bacon the most? Photoworld sorted over 100,000 tagged photos over the course of a week to create an awesome interactive map showing the most popular foods across the globe and the results are surprising. While macarons might be synonymous with Paris, the City of Light comes in third with only 6 percent of all macaron-tagged photos. Instead, Bangkok and Seoul take the most photos of the iconic French dessert. Other notable stats: New Yorkers share the most photos of bacon and London tops the burger list. Check out the map for more of the world's favorite foods from pizza to pierogis.

From bacon to sushi, discover the popularity of the world’s favourite foods on Instagram. Click image to open interactive version (via Photoworld).