One of the city's premier hotels celebrated the New Year with 50kg of roe and a Guinness World Record.

By Hannah Walhout
January 22, 2018
Courtesy of Atlantis, The Palm

Dubai isn’t exactly known for being understated. For every shawarma stand and souk you find in this city, you’ll also find an ultra-luxury shopping mall and opulent resort — like Atlantis, The Palm, built on a series of human-made islands arranged in the shape of a palm tree. And this year, they’ve outdone themselves.

At Atlantis' famously over-the-top New Year’s Gala, which features a massive beachfront feast and fireworks over the Arabian gulf, the property broke a Guinness World Record that had been set just down the road a year earlier.

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In a collaboration with North American-based AmStur Caviar, the Palm team presented a serving of caviar more than double the size of the previous record-holder (the 17kg tin that had broken the original record, back in 2016, was dreamed up by one of Dubai’s other super-luxury hotels, the Burj Al Arab).

Weighing in at 50 kilograms, or more than 110 pounds, the nearly three-foot-wide tin contained $97,255 worth of caviar — all of which was consumed handily before the first dawn of 2018, as over 6,500 guests reveled in the record-breaking moment. The property had custom mother-of-pearl spoons made specifically for the caviar binge.

Courtesy of Atlantis, The Palm

Just as impressive as the certified-organic Sturgeon caviar within was the tin itself, a stainless steel compartment with a base shaped like a massive, gleaming black diamond. In case you were wondering, yes, they did give it its own name: Cleito, the mythical Queen Mother of the island of Atlantis. The combined value of the tin and the caviar within is estimated at over $130,000.

Upon confirming that a new record had been set, the Guinness official reportedly said: “It was exciting to see another Guinness World Records title being broken here in Dubai — you are officially amazing!”