Whether you're looking for a boutique selection of highly-rated wines or quick delivery, these wine delivery services bring the vino straight to you or your friends and family, just in time for the holidays.

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Holiday parties might be on hold this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that doesn't mean you can't share a glass with friends and family virtually this festive season. Services like Drizly and Minibar offer same-day delivery for beer, wine, and spirits in select U.S. areas, making it easier than ever to send your loved ones their drink of choice to enjoy while they sit by the fire. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for the wine lover on your list or aiming to stock up your home bar, here are eight wine delivery services to check out this holiday season.

Best for People Who Want to Try Something New: Winc

Take a quiz and get four wines that are tailored to your taste sent straight to your doorstep. Yes, it's that simple. That's how Winc, a wine subscription created with the goal of "making discovering great wine easy," works. Winc is super customizable, and they'll even send you a new bottle if you don't like the one they selected. This service is unique in that Winc does not sell third-party wines. Instead, they work with winemakers all over the world and produce their own varieties. Memberships vary because bottles typically range from $13 to $46, but generally, they start at $60/month.

Winc wine devilry
Credit: Courtesy of Winc

Best for People Who Want Their Wine Right Now: Saucey 

You can get a bottle of wine in under an hour in select cities across the country, thanks to Saucey. While their collection may not be as extensive or meticulously curated as some of the more boutique offerings on this list, speed is on Saucey's side. Plus, you can even get beer or liquor on the site, so feel free to stock up for the next few weeks without having to haul heavy bottles around.

Best for People Who Need a Little Help Picking Out a Great Wine: Wine Access

Choosing the right bottle can be challenging for the novice wine buyer. Thankfully, the team at Wine Access includes a master sommelier, master of wine, and an international wine judge who taste over 20,000 varietals every year and handpick the best options for each price point. Wine Access lists its wines with easy-to-understand ratings and descriptions, making it a breeze to navigate. This site offers wines from around $15 to over $1,000, so there's something for everyone, and bottles purchased from the store ship next day in climate-controlled packaging. The 2020 Remedy Sets are perfect if you don't know what to get (or gift) — there's even a set made just for your Zoom office holiday parties.

Best for People Who Want to Take It One Day (and One Glass) at a Time: Usual Wines

Usual Wines is anything but your standard wine delivery service. The only decision you have to make on this site is what type of wine you want — brut, red, or rosé — and how many servings you'd like. Usual Wines only sells single-glass bottles with a generous 6.3-ounce pour, and the wines don't have any added sugar or sulfites. Grab the mixed pack and try all three types, with 12 glasses for $96, or send bubbles to a loved one with a six-pack of brut for $48.

Usual Wines, Red and Rosé
Credit: Courtesy of Usual Wines

Best for People Who Know What They Want: Wine.com 

With Wine.com, you can shop a wide variety of wines and have them delivered to your home or your designated pickup location. Travel to France with a highly-rated trio of wines, or grab this set of six white wines from around the globe. For the clean wine lover, order this tasting duo from Avaline, a new wine brand created by Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power.

Best for People Who Want a Taste of Everything: Vinebox

Gift your friends or yourself a DIY wine tasting with Vinebox, a service that sends single servings of wine straight to your door. Try the 12 Nights of Wine, a one-time delivery wine Advent calendar with 12 individually-packaged glasses of wine ($129), or join the quarterly wine club in which you'll discover nine wines by the glass every three months ($79). If there was ever a time to join a wine club, it's now.

Vinebox Wines
Credit: Courtesy of Vinebox

Best for People Who Want High Quality at an Affordable Price: Wine Insiders

Throw yourself a DIY tasting of wines from around the world with Wine Insiders. User reviews make picking a great wine easier than ever, and with numerous options under $20, you can get a quality bottle without spending too much. Need a little help deciding? Opt for the Wine Insiders Club subscription — they'll send you 12 bottles every 12 weeks for just $89, ensuring that your wine rack stays full throughout this holiday season.

Best for People Who Care About Awards: Firstleaf Wine Club

Ninety-two percent of the wines delivered by Firstleaf Wine Club are award-winning, so you can try critics' favorites from the world's best wine regions without having to decipher every sticker in the aisle. Take the quiz and narrow down your preferences to get your first box — you'll rate each wine you receive, so Firstleaf can tailor future shipments to your tastes. If you're not looking for a commitment, Firstleaf also offers bundles with great value — the award winners bundle offers 12 top-rated bottles for just $150.

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