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Everyone knows that rosé is a perfect warm weather drink, but that summer heat may also be messing with New Yorkers minds: According to DNAinfo, more than 500 people are currently on the waitlist at a Manhattan shop, not for the hottest bottle of pink wine, but for rosé-flavored gummy bears. I guess if you want your children to grow up to be rosé-sipping Upper East Siders, you gotta get them started early.

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Sugarfina, the high-end candy brand that tends to cater to adult tastes, recently announced it would be adding two rosé-flavored candies to its alcohol-inspired candy line that also includesChampagne Bears, Peach Bellini gummies and Pale Ale Pint gummies. The forthcoming wine candies will come in either “Rosé All Day” gummy bears or “Yes Way Rosé” rose-shaped gummies – for those people who like to keep their rosé-flavored candies a bit classier in appearance.



Top off a glass of Champagne Bears with a dollop of pink cotton candy... sweet idea @petitepuf! ️

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The new candies are probably garnering extra buzz because not only are they made with real rosé, but with the very popular Whispering Angel Rosé. Sadly, it appears what the gummies don’t really contain is any alcohol, meaning if you want to get tipsy eating rosé candy, you’ll have to pair them with something a bit more pedestrian – like actual rosé.

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These rosé gummy bears are set to arrive later this week: June 30. That’s just in time to grab some and prove you are the coolest person at your 4th of July party. 

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