How to Have the Perfect Day in the Hamptons, According to the Woman Behind the Iconic Wölffer Estate

We checked in with Joey Wölffer to get the Hamptons expert's favorite places to hang.

A summery day out at a beach in the Hamptons.
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There are few things more indulgent than an impromptu weekend in the Hamptons. And while summer is winding down, a Hamptons fall moment is just as appealing (if not more so, as most of the crowds filter out after Labor Day, but the good weather holds until October). Recently, we checked in with Wölffer Estate co-owner Joey Wölffer to get a refresher on the best things to do in the Hamptons these days.

Wölffer Estate is having a banner summer, and that's thanks in large part to the family-owned business's first foray into French-influenced wine. The estate debuted the Côtes de Provence edition of its Summer in a Bottle, a Hamptons classic that's instantly recognizable to any rosé die-hard. A crisp, dry blend of grenache, cinsault, syrah, and rolle (also known as vermentino), this new wine's Provençal spin is a big win for Wölffer after a challenging two years for the food-and-beverage industry as a whole.

While, admittedly, Summer in a Bottle is best sipped in the warmest months, it's ultimately a celebratory drink, and you can celebrate in the Hamptons even as summer turns to fall. When you do, take note from Joey Wölffer, whose insider perspective will serve as your guiding light for where to drink, eat, shop, and hang in the Hamptons this year.

Where to Drink

Wölffer Estate Vineyards
Courtesy of Wölffer Estate Vineyard

For Wölffer — and for most who spend time in the Hamptons — wine is synonymous with the local lifestyle (family legacy notwithstanding). Ask anyone who's been, and they'll tell you that no visit to the area is complete without spending time at Wölffer Estate, where the family's winemaking business has garnered countless awards and loyal fans since its opening in 1988.

Wölffer Estate Vineyards
Courtesy of Wölffer Estate Vineyard

"A must is to visit in the early afternoon for a proper wine tasting at the main estate and then a fun-filled sunset experience at The Wine Stand," Wölffer shared when asked to describe her perfect day at the winery. "I think you have to have both experiences. Trying all our wines with our incredible team while having some delicious bites is a quintessential experience in the Hamptons."

Wölffer additionally noted that The Wine Stand on a Friday or Saturday night is magical, especially with live music and a live nature show with the sun setting right over the vines.

Wölffer Estate Vineyards
Courtesy of Wölffer Estate Vineyard

"This is such a fun outing for the entire family," Wölffer said. "My girls love dancing to the band and rolling down the hill."

When she's not spending time at the estate, Wölffer can also be found supporting fellow wine and hospitality businesses in the area. "I love both Duryea's locations, as well as Sunset Beach [on Shelter Island]. To drink wine on the waterfront is so special."

Where to Eat

Organic tortilla breakfast dish (tostada) at Harbor Market
Doug Young

While there are constantly new, buzzy bars and restaurants making the rounds on Hampton dweller's social media, Wölffer takes a more low-key approach to dining.

"[I'm] more of a quality-meets-ambience kind of person," she shared. "I love Estia's for breakfast on Sag Harbor Turnpike, and other favorites are Carissa's and Harbor Market." At the latter, she added, don't miss out on the organic corn tortilla with fried egg, black beans, avocado, queso fresco, and pico de gallo.

For dinner, Wölffer's essential spots include Wölffer Kitchen ("obviously"), Tutto il Giorno and Sen in Sag Harbor, Suki Zuki in Water Mill, and Crow's Nest (a classic) — if she's willing to commute to Montauk, that is. The mussels at Almond in Bridgehampton are also a standout for Wölffer.

It can, of course, be tough to get a dinner reservation out in the Hamptons no matter where you go, but according to Wölffer, kindness is key. "Be kind, be loyal, and be understanding, and you might just get [one]. That's my secret."

Where to Shop

Other than her shop, Joey Wölffer in Sag Harbor, some of Wölffer's favorites include Lazypoint in Amagansett for what she called "amazing vintage and one-of-a-kind finds," along with Sage and Madison in Sag Harbor for gifts, Stella and Ruby in Sag Harbor for the best kids' clothes, Warm in Amagansett for "the ultimate surfer girl look," and Clic in East Hampton for the best home accessories around.

Where to Hang

Exterior view of Parrish Art Museum in Hamptons, Long Island, New York

For those days that involve physical output beyond raising their glass, Wölffer rattled off a few of her go-to activities around town.

"Hike the dunes in Napeague, go to the Parrish Art Museum and Guild Hall, check out Eric Firestone Gallery in East Hampton," Wölffer said. "Go see the Jackson Pollock house and the Art Barge, walk the cliffs in Montauk, take a Soulcycle class with Laurie Cole, go for a run on the beach, go to Stephen Talkhouse for live music, [and] take a boat day around this beautiful place." Getting out on the water — especially with a glass of rosé — is a worthwhile investment, she says, and we're inclined to agree.

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