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Updated: December 02, 2016
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The Game of Thrones universe stretches well beyond The Wall. It stretches well beyond Yeen (oh, you don’t know Yeen?  What kind of GOT fan are you anyway?). The popularity, first of the books and then the Emmy Award-winning HBO show, also brought the world of Westeros crashing into our real lives in the form of cookbooksbeers and now, at long last, wines.

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Vintage Wine Estates announced that they’ve partnered with HBO to release three different officially licensed Game of Thrones wines—a Chardonnay (suggested retail $19.99), a Red Blend (suggested retail $19.99) and a Cabernet Sauvignon (suggested retail $39.99). We haven’t heard Tyrion mention a preferred varietal, but based on his wine habit it seems safe to assume he’d back all of these.

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Specific details of the wines are still under wraps, but Vintage Wine Estates tells us that they will all be available nationwide in March, well ahead of the July premiere of season 7. It’s a long time until we get to find out what happens when Daenerys gets to Kings Landing, but at least we’ll have something to drink while we wait.