Wine Fountain
Credit: TIZIANA FABI/AFP/Getty Images

While some may be hunting for the fountain of youth, the next best thing just opened in Italy: a fountain of free wine.

The wine fountain opened in Abruzzo, Italy on Sunday to refresh pilgrims following the Cammino di San Tommaso. Its spout will be open 24/7, and the wine absolutely free.

Dora Sarchese, a local vineyard, is supplying the red wine that will keep the fountain flowing.

But don’t get any wild ideas: The vineyard has already said that the fountain of wine is not a place for “drunkards,” nor is it meant to be a “publicity stunt.”

It was made possible by a partnership with the non-profit organization which runs the Cammino di San Tommaso. The pilgrimage extends about 140 miles from Rome to Ortona, the final resting place of St. Thomas, one of Jesus’s disciples.

The wine fountain is not entirely unique. It was inspired by a similar fountain of wine installed along Spain’s famous pilgrimage path, the Camino de Santiago.

On special occasions, some fountains in Italy have spouted wine for a limited time. One famous case was in Marino in 2008 when wine was accidentally tapped into homes instead of the town fountain.