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What to serve with the bird? Here are our top picks.

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You’ve spent weeks planning your Thanksgiving dinner from the appetizers to the turkey to the delightful sweet potatoes to the dessert. You’ve also been putting together picturesque and totally fall-appropriate centerpieces and table settings. The silver is polished. The linens are ironed. But now, you’ve got to get the wine for Thanksgiving. And you’re putting it off because you already know the wine store scenario—you’ll stand in the wine aisle for five minutes blurry eyed and overwhelmed by all the similar options pondering to yourself, “Is there really a best wine for Thanksgiving? And is it red wine for Thanksgiving?” Then you’ll grab blindly at the best looking label with the best price for your budget. Avoid that discombobulating feeling in the wine aisle with this quick guide to the five best wines to serve with Thanksgiving dinner.

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