The Top Vineyards All Around the U.S.

Wineries in Calistoga
Photo: Karen S. via Yelp

Travelers who tour vineyards and indulge in a few glasses of the house speciality are unlikely to leave less cheery. But there are a few select vineyards around the country that go above and beyond to astound visitors. Yelp analyzed the reviews of vineyards throughout the country to determine which ones Americans like best. From the Sauvignon Blanc of the Napa Valley to the Rieslings of New York’s Finger Lakes, each area of the country has its own specialities.

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25. Brooks Winery

Wine Tasting in Oregon
Josh Chang/Courtesy of Brooks Winery

Amity, Oregon

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24. Beneduce Vineyards

New Jersey Wines
Courtesy of Beneduce VIneyards

Pittstown, New Jersey

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23. Taylor Brooke Winery

Connecticut Vineyards
Joanne J. via Yelp

Woodstock, Connecticut

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22. Oliver Winery

Wine Tasting in Indiana
Courtesy of Oliver Winery

Bloomington, Indiana

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21. The Cottage Vineyard and Winery

Georgia Wineries
Courtesy of The Cottage Vineyard and Winery

Cleveland, Georgia

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20. Barnstormer Winery

Wine Tasting Rooms in New York
Courtesy of Barnstormer Winery

Rock Stream, New York

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19. Glen Manor Vineyards

Virginia Wine Country
Renier V. via Yelp

Front Royal, Virginia

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18. Windham Vineyards and Winery

New York Vineyards
Michael K. via Yelp

Windham, New York

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17. Hawkins Cellars

Oregon Wineries
Courtesy of Hawkins Cellars

Dundee, Oregon

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16. Zephaniah Farm Vineyard

Wine Vacation in Virginia
Emily B. via Yelp

Leesburg, Virginia

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15. Ports of New York

Wine in New York
Mark D. via Yelp

Ithaca, New York

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14. Clearview Vineyard

New York Wineries
Courtesy of Clearview Vineyard

Warwick, New York

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13. Blue Ridge Winery

Pennsylvania Wineries
Courtesy of Blue Ridge Winery

Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania

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12. Von Stiehl Winery

Wisconsin Wineries
Courtesy of Von Stiehl Winery

Algoma, Wisconsin

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11. Hermosa Vineyards

Colorado Wineries
Patrick F. via Yelp

Palisade, Colorado

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10. Palmaz Vineyards

Best American Wineries You Can Visit
Courtesy of Palmaz Vineyards

Napa, California

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9. Ecluse Wines

Tasting Wine in California
Mark S. via Yelp

Paso Robles, California

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8. J. Rickards Winery

California Wineries You Can Visit
Courtesy of J. Rickards Winery

Cloverdale, California

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7. Pride Mountain Vineyards

Best Vineyards in the USA According to Yelp
Lindsey P. via Yelp

St. Helena, California

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6. Espinosa Vineyards and Winery

Where to Drink Wine in the USA
Courtesy of Espinosa Vineyards

Escondido, California

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5. B Cellars Vineyards & Winery

Wine Tour of California
Courtesy of B Cellars

Napa, California

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4. Kastania Vineyards

Tasting Rooms in California
Courtesy of Kastania Vineyard

Petaluma, California

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3. Hendry Vineyard and Winery

Vineyards to Visit in California
Laurent C. via Yelp

Napa, California

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2. Vineyard Grant James

Great Local Vineyards
Courtesy of Vineyard Grant James

Ramona, California

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1. Vincent Arroyo Winery

Wineries in Calistoga
Karen S. via Yelp

Calistoga, California

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