For wine lovers around the world, sampling a region’s top vineyards provides a deeper, more concrete connection to the land itself. Once you’ve gotten a taste for a region’s superior wine, you’ll want to continue exploring the world’s best vineyards, over and over again. Plan your perfect wine trip with Travel + Leisure to find obscure wines, as well as more celebrated varietals—wines so good, you can’t help but sneak a few bottles into your suitcase before the journey home.Plan a wine trip to rememberWith thousands of high-grade vineyards to be found across the globe, there are countless variations on the classic wine tasting trip, from Mendoza’s lush wine estates to dramatic, mountain-framed vineyards right in the United States. Whether you’re heading off to Napa or Tuscany, or emerging spots in South Australia and Eastern Europe, find exquisite private villas, secluded retreats, and chic spa hotels that offer intimate access to top wine producers. Explore how wine is made—from grape harvesting to fermentation to bottling—with guided tours and tastings. Once you’ve had your fill, relax with a wine treatment at the spa or settle into a gourmet meal at a Michelin-starred restaurant.Wine can define a regionMore than ever, dynamic wine producers are tapping into—and expanding upon—the ancient art of winemaking by releasing experimental varietals, opening design-centric lodging, and hosting seasonal wine festivals. Travel + Leisure can connect you with talented winemakers in Europe, South Africa, Australia, South America, and California. Use our guides to discover the most outstanding and innovative vineyards in the world, where you can soak up gorgeous scenery all while exploring a destination’s top tasting rooms, events, hotels, and more.

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